President and Executive Committee

SAIA KZN comprises of the President and Executive committee, as well as Committee Heads and general members. The Executive committee and Committee Heads meet at the Institute on the first Friday of every month. All members are invited to get involved and participate in a committee by contacting one of the committee chairs. There are always exciting projects and programmes in the pipeline that could benefit from your participation!

Executive Committee

President: Sikhumbuzo Mtembu
Vice-Presidents:  Monique Gillespie & Adheema Davis
Professional Practice Sub-committee: Patrick Smith & Patrick Mawesana
Finance Chair: Chantal Pieterse

President: Sikhumbuzo Mtembu

Regional Committee

Sikhumbuzo Mtembu President
Monique Gillespie Vice President
Adheema Davis  Vice President, Transformation Sub-committee Chair & Education Sub-Committee Co -Chair 
Patrick Smith Immediate Past President & Professional Practice Chair
Patrick Mawesana Professional Practice Sub-Committee 
 Trish Emmett & Ivor Daniel      Heritage & Cultural Identity Sub-Committee Interim Co- Chairs 
Chantal Pieterse  Finance Chair, Journal Chair & Awards Sub- Committee
Dr. Viloshin Govender Education Sub-Committee Chair
Mandisa Pepeta Professional Practice Sub-committee & Women in Architecture Sub- Committee
Nikiwe Majola  CPD Sub-Committee Chair
Bongeka Mnguni Women in Architecture Sub-Committee Chair
Sandy Naiker Habitat Sub-Committee Chair
Dumisani Mhlaba Heritage Sub-Committee


Chair: Viloshin Govender

With many student talks and exhibitions, conducted by various members of the committee including the president, we have managed to reach 8 schools in the space of 8 months. We are investing time, motivation and knowledge to prospective architects. The institute is a partner in development of UKZN and DUT schools of architecture, thanks to our members who serve at the institutions in varying capacities.


Interim Co Chairs: Trish Emmett & Ivor Daniel

This portfolio is SAIA KZN’s focus on heritage and culture. Lindsay Napier has been transparent, accountable, and forward thinking in this role. We look forward to contributions beyond the understanding of regular protected buildings to the richness of South African heritage.

Professional Practice

Chair: Patrick Smith

A key membership benefit. The portfolio looks into enquiries on fees, contracts, regulations and have been very decisive in addressing matters. This is a time-consuming portfolio as is requires finesse backed by experience. Thanks to Patrick, Patrick and Mandisa for their time


A vehicle of all we do as the institute, our social media platforms reach far beyond membership. There are other mediums which we are in a process of exploring to elevate the profile of architecture as well as ensuring its accessibility


Chair: Nikiwe Majola

There has been a number of Spatial Inequality events hosted at the institute in person and online. The talks have attracted professionals and ordinary people to lively debates. The end result of the talks is to influence policy. The next series focuses on climate change and its effect on society and the built environment. 

Women in Architecture

Chair: Bongeka Mnguni

This is an empowerment platform. The institute is committed to addressing needs raised by specific groups as well as we do for the entire collective. The youth struggling to have a foothold in the industry have different dynamics to a seasoned professional with 20 years of experience.


Chair: Adheema Davis

Transformation is a process rather than a rule. SAIA KZN’s contribution to exposing the profession through school engagements and universities puts the discipline in the forefront of student study options and completion.


Chair: Chantal Pieterse

This sensitive subcommittee has had the fortune of capable leaders. Our financials are audited, and with one less staff member the difference is noticeable. Chantal has had to spend a considerable amount of time with Emeldah, and as things stand: we are afloat.


Chair: Chantal Pieterse

The journal has continued to be a vault of good architectural work. With reluctance, we have now moved completely to the electronic copy which proves to widen our reach in our field. Thanks to Wally for the many years of dedication and Chantal as committee leader.


Chair: Sandy Naiker


To promote awareness and positive change in cities and human settlements in the KZN Region through sharing of knowledge and technical expertise, engagement with policy and collaborative actions.


The jurors for the 2023 Awards for Architecture were selected by the Regional Committee as follows:

-Prof Rodney Harber, Architect + Planner

– Mr Eric Apelgren, International and Governance Relations, Ethekwini

– Don Albert- eminent architect from another region 

– Sikhumbuzo Mtembu, SAIA KZN President & Chair of Awards Committee

– Chantal Pieterse, Regional committee member, award winning architect

– Adheema Davis, academic

– Prof Walter Peters – Convenor & award winning editor

The inspections took place over two days beginning with an international submission by local architects, viewed as a digital submission at 160 Bulwer Road. All other inspections took place in person, twelve in total ranging from the local neighbourhood to Richmond and the North Coast