Pedros Warwick Junction, Julius Nyerere Street, Berea, Durban, South Africa
Considered by many to be the ‘Real CBD’ of Durban, Warwick Junction is a key transport interchange and provides access to taxis, busses and trains for nearly half a million people daily. A major overhaul in 2010, with the addition of an overpass leading in and out of the city, has resulted in improved separation of pedestrians and vehicles. Market activity has formed around the intersections below the overhead roads and on an abandoned apartheid-era freeway which provides a pedestrian linkage between the various markets and the adjacent Grey Street area. While most market stalls include roofing, stands range from trestle tables to improvised stalls constructed from recycled goods to premade units and permanent structures provided by the municipality. Products range from traditional cures at the ‘muti market’ (located on the abandoned overhead freeway) to fresh produce, cow-hide accessories, recycled tyre-sandals and hair-pieces. In addition to a full range of consumables, services, such as shaving and haircuts are also provided.
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