February 2013 KZNIA Letter from the President – Kevin Bingham

Dear Members

Tomorrow we head into March and I trust that business is looking bright for you in 2013.

The KZNIA offices and Boardroom have been busy over the past weeks with Part XA courses and Ken Howie’s PPE course for Architects in Training preparing to sit their SACAP examination. There is also preparation for the exciting UIA 2014 pre-conference which will be held in Durban from 13-18 March 2013. 

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Sonny Tomkin and Dick Pettman, both of whom will be long remembered for the roles they played in the lives of many of our members, particularly as mentors.

On membership matters, I am pleased to inform you that that at almost every monthly meeting since October, I have had the pleasure of signing on a good number of new members. I did however receive a letter of resignation from a member, who apart from enjoying the KZNIA Journal, saw no benefit in membership. This got me thinking as to why 12 Committee members and 5 co-opted mentors sit at monthly meetings attempting to deal with matters regarding the well-being and promotion of our profession. I also wondered why these 17 people (and those before them) chaired portfolio meetings in Education, Habitat, Professional Practice, Promotions, Heritage, Municipal Liaison, amongst others; why some dealt with national and international architecture matters at National Board meetings – why some travelled in their own time to examine at universities worldwide. The KZNIA Journal sponsored by Corobrik, has through its editor Walter Peters and its editorial committee, been a shining publication for many decades. However, so too has the largely unseen work of many committee members who have over time stood up in an attempt to make our profession and its interaction with others, a better entity. OurInstitute for Architecture is about serving its members; about a coming together of members to assist in day to day issues that face our profession; about guidance when we have practice problems; and, when things have gone well, about the acknowledgement of excellence through peer-reviewed awards. What else do our members do for each other? Take a look at our website: http://www.kznia.org.za/home.htm I trust that this member will reconsider his resignation and offer to play a role on a committee – I know he has much to offer.

On day to day matters, our Secretariat will keep you well informed on forthcoming events and matters for noting affecting practice. 

I hope to see you at the next function at 160 Bulwer Road.

‘Til next