2020 SAIA-KZN Aotearoa/New Zealand – KZN Contributions


Editor’s Note

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SAIA-KZN News: Journal Editorial Committee

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SAIA-KZN News: KwaZulu-Natal Museum, Pietermaritzburg

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SAIA-KZN News: Peter Louis Award

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SAIA-KZN News: Erratum: Issue 3/2019

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SAIA-KZN News: UKZN Architecture Learning Site

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SAIA-KZN News: 33rd annual Corobrik Regional Student Awards

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Location(s) Shepstone Building, Howard College campus, UKZN

Architecture Practice in New Zealand – Guest Editorial

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Andre De Graaf, Auckland – Director: Isthmus Group

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Errol Haarhoff, Auckland – Professor of Architecture Emeritus, University of Auckland

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Barbara van Zyl, Auckland – Associate Principal, Jasmax Architects

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Dave Sanders, Auckland – Project Director, Phc Ltd

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Mark Wassung, Tauranga – Director, Design Engine Architects

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Andre Hodgskin, Auckland – Director, Architex New Zealand

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Thom Craig Architects, Christchurch

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Architect(s): Thom Craig

Clifford Paul, Auckland – Director, Ashton Mitchell Architects

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Impressions from South Island, Aotearoe – A ‘Wild Card’ Choice

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A Travel Diary: from the bottom right-hand come

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In Memoriam: Justin Bate (1980 –2019)

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In Memoriam: Ron GD Curtis (1923-2019)

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In Memoriam: Trevor Tennant (1953-2020)

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In Memoriam: Henry Cooper (1926-2019)

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In Memoriam: Malcom Hamlin (1939-2020)

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In Memoriam: Bryan Lee (1941-2020)

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