Decolonial Thinking and Practice



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Keywords: SAIA president, UKZN, Amira Osman, Lawrence Ogunsanya, Viloshin Govender, MAGISTRATE TOWERS, Jeremy Steere Architects, Cliff Gouws, Peter du Trevou, Mpho Sephelane, Wiaan Jordaan Corobrik SAIA Awards, Corobrik Student of the Year

Decolonising The Persona

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Author(s): Yashaen Luckan Keywords: Decoloniality

Transformation at the UKZN School

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Author(s): Ernest Nene Khalema Keywords: Decolonial engagement in South African universities, transformation at UKZN, Architectural Education, Africanization

Decolonising Architecture at the Former ML Sultan and DUT

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Author(s): Wouter Gildenhuys Keywords: socio-economic advancement, SA Council for Architects

Using a Bottom-up Approach to Studio-based Design

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Author(s): Viloshin Govender Keywords: Le Corbusier’s five points, Architectural Education, colonial planning methods, The African City

Hail the Monument: Lessons from the South

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Author(s): Debbie Whelan Keywords: democratic monument, Edward Colston, Statue of Maggie Thatcher

The Trouble with ‘Monumentalising Architecture’: A Decolonial Reflection on Self-realisation through the Limitations of Hegemonic Imaginaries

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Author(s): Adheema Davis Keywords: Colonialism, Bantu Steven Biko, decolonisation

A Strong Line

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Author(s): Parishka Pillay Keywords: Bechdel test

The Power of Built Form in Promoting Cross-cultural Performance

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Author(s): Kerolin Govender Keywords: Indian and African Art and Culture, Indo-African Art

Loss of Reverence and the Justification of Appetite

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Author(s): Marcel Henry Keywords: Colonialism, exploitation

I Object

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Author(s): Jody Davids-Harber Keywords: Mixed-race segregation

The Need for an Investment in Decolonial Imagination

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Author(s): Kayalethu Qwalela, Mfundo Maphumalo Keywords: Pre-colonial era, apartheid era, post-apartheid, iQayiya Design Workshop

Rediscovering the African Aesthetic and the Need for a Renaissance in South African Vernacular Architecture

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Author(s): Marcus Garvey, Patrick Mawesana Keywords: African Architectural Aesthetic, colonialist architecture, Architecture and colonialism, indigenous architecture, Francis Kere, David Adjaye, KwaDukuza Museum, Louis Sullivan, Sakhisizwe Architects

New Beginnings: Repurposed Historic Homes of KwaZulu Natal

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Author(s): Trish Emmett Keywords: Adaptive reuse, sustainable development, heritage buildings, cultural heritage, Hugh Bland, Botha House, Louis Botha, Cape Dutch Royston Hall, Coedmore Castle


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Author(s): Ivor Daniel, John Ferendinos, Nathan Iyer, Rodney Harber Keywords: obituaries, Robert John Ferguson, Hallen Dibb and Partners, Zakrzewski Associates Inc., Glanville Trevor Jacques, Daniel & Associates, Stauch Vorster Architects, Iyer, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Peoples park, GO Durban BRT Stations, Cornubia Housing Project, Point Promenade, NOEROARCHITECTS: Building and Drawing, Jo Noero, Corobrik, Kwatina, Cyril ramaphosa, Yashaen Luckan, Roger Fisher