AIDS & Architecture


AIDS & Architecture

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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: AIDS, HIV, Kevin Bingham, Rodney Harber

Corobrik Regional Architectural Student of the Year 2002

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Location(s): UKZN, Malherbe Library Keywords: David Louis, Leonie Mervis, Suhayl Ballim

AUA President

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Keywords: Brian Johnson

SAIA Vice-President

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Location(s): Bloemfontein Keywords: Patricia Emmett

SAIA Award of Excellence

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Architect(s): Janina Masojada, Andrew Makin, OMM Design Workshop Author(s): Dr. Walter Peters Location(s): Kloof Keywords: Electric Ladyland

Corrections: Emerging Architects, Issue 1/2002

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Keywords: Intuthuko Junction

Corobrik @100

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Architect(s): Hallen, Theron & Partners, Paton Taylor Associates Inc Location(s): Umlazi, Berea Keywords: Contemporary brick details

AIDS & Architecture

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Architect(s): Bingham Associate Architects Author(s): Kevin Bingham Keywords: FGG Architects, School of Architecture at Natal University

“One step forward two steps back”: The AIDS Policy Impasse and HIV Treatment Access in South Africa

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Author(s): Mandisa Mbali Keywords: AIDS, Nelson Mandela medical School, societal changes

Pilot Project: Community-Family Care Homes

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Author(s): Nina Saunders Location(s): Cato Manor Keywords: BESG

Highway Hospice Outreach Facility: Inanda “C”

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Architect(s): Bingham Associate Architects Author(s): Kevin Bingham Location(s): Inanda Keywords: shipping containers, intingu pergola

Sinikithemba Centre

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Architect(s): Bingham Associate Architects Author(s): Kevin Bingham Location(s): Ridge House, McCord Road, Durban Keywords: drop-in

Shepherd’s Keep

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Architect(s): Amanda Lead Author(s): Amanda Lead Location(s): 1195 Bluff Road, Durban Keywords: home and care facility, abandoned babies

Medical Research Facilities: Africa Centre for Health & Population Studies

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Architect(s): East Coast Architects CC Author(s): Derek van Heerden Location(s): Somkhele Keywords: campus, umuzi, cellular offices

Jimmy Carter Work Project- 100 Houses in 5 days!

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Architect(s): Habitat for Humanity S.A. Author(s): Larry English Location(s): Sherwood Keywords: community formation, habitat for Humanity, poverty housing

The Missing Link

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Author(s): Kevin Boyd Keywords: habitat for humanity

The ‘blitz build’

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Author(s): Jacques Laubscher Location(s): 917 Elephant Street Keywords: UFS, Jimmy Carter

BLUEPRINTS in Black & White

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Architect(s): John Bizzell Author(s): Dennis Radford Keywords: National Department of Public Works, Apartheid’s Built Environment

A Travel Diary

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Author(s): Tricia Emmett Location(s): Egypt Keywords: International Conference for Architectural Heritage, UIA Region 5