Architecture – Landscape Interface


Corobrik Student of 2013

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Letters to the Editor

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UIA Young Architects and Students Committee

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SACAP President

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Obituary: Reg Buck

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Author(s): Neil Hayes-Hill

Obituary: John Frost

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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters

Obituary: Peter McCaffery

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Author(s): Miles Pennington

UIA Appreciation

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Architect(s): Prof. Walter Peters

Presidential Certificates

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Architect(s): Prof. Walter Peters

Corobrik SAIA Awards of Merit and Excellence

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Architecture – Landscape Interface

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Architect(s): Louis du Plessis (guest editor)

Industrial Oasis

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Architect(s): eThekwini City Architects, Robert Johnson Author(s): Louis du Plessis Location(s): eThekwini Water & Sanitation, Jeffles Rd Depot

New Operations Centre

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Architect(s): eThekwini City Architects, Lees & Short Associate Architects Author(s): Andile Ncapai Location(s): eThekwini Electricity, Westville

Dube House

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Architect(s): Shabangu Architects Location(s): Dube Trade Port, King Shaka Airport

The Architectural Implications of Landscaping Inclusion

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Architect(s): eThekwini City Architects Author(s): Louis du Plessis

Travel Diary

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Author(s): Louis du Plessis Location(s): Bolivia