Architecture University of Natal



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Architect(s): Prof. Don Dyke-Wells, Prof. Barrie Biermann, Prof. Ted Tollman, Brian Kearney, Peter Stewart, Jessie Birss, Errol Haarhoff, Rodney Harber, Dr. Wally Peters, Bernie Clark, Dennis Claude, Dr. Derek Wang

A qualification is not enough

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Author(s): Dr. Wally Peters Keywords: training, Natal School of Architecture, new head, Studio Masters, staff to students ratio, research, teaching capability, Architectural Education, competence, American Institute of Architects, RIBA, mid-career, professional competence

From the Head of School of Architecture: Prof. Don Dyke-Wells

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Author(s): Prof. Don Dyke-Wells Keywords: Design, form for form’s sake, educator


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Keywords: partnerships, address, class, Members

1 Year

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Author(s): Brian Kearney Keywords: blank piece of paper, design solution, Modern Movement, zoning, magic formula, Bauhaus, basic design, Ruskin, climatic projects, rain, wind, sun, moisture, solar movement, U-value calculations

2 Year

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Author(s): Prof. Ted Tollman, Dr. Wally Peters Keywords: John Smillie, Jorge Farinha, Keith Gavin, Robin Herbert, environmental concerns, family, community, systems, inform the design object, Vitruvian dictum of Firmness, Commodity and Delight, Theory, multi-storey framed, large span, cross-wall construction, commercial

3 Year

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Author(s): Peter Stewart Keywords: Keith Gavin, Jorge Farhina, Eugene Mercuri, Prof. M. G. Schoonraad, building types, design attitudes, bubble diagrams, two dimensional circulation networks, structural hierarchy, experimentation, Prof. Mallows, not custard to be poured over a passive dish – it is essentially an active, participating and continuous process – it is difficult and demands effort, creative learning, teacher, catalyst, high pressure studio work, Austrian ski chalet, School of Fine Arts, campus village, Mediterranean village streets, C.B.D., complex requirements

4 Year

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Architect(s): Peter and Muriel Melvin, Melvin Lansley and Mark, Hertfordshire, Tony Mason, Amaprop, Robert Stern, Geoffrey le Sueur Author(s): Prof. Barrie Biermann Keywords: Johann Slee, Pedro Meirelles, Nicholas Proome, conventional wisdom, stock, practical year, conservation, conversion, old buildings, light filtration, classicism, stylistic, C.B.D., working drawings

5 Year

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Author(s): Dr. Wally Peters, Prof. Ted Tollman Keywords: Derek van Heerden, Mike Legg, Dieter Ludermann, George Elphick, undergraduate, Professional Practice Course, Environmental Design, urban and Landscape Design, Design Thesis, statutory instruments, building contract, management theory, first and third world, three-dimensional visual communication written and oral presentation, philosophy