Aspects of Heritage Conservation


Aspects of Heritage Conservation

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Author(s): Lindsay Napier (Guest Editor), Debbie Whelan (Guest Editor)

Farewell to Bharti Vithal and Bruce Clark

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In Memoriam

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Architect(s): Rodney Cooper

Integration of Sculpture and Architecture: murthi spotting

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Author(s): Rodney Harber

First Church at Centocow Mission: Renovation & conversion to the Gerard Bhengu Gallery and Museum

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Architect(s): Robert Brusse Author(s): Robert Brusse, Tracy Leigh Barnes, Janet Foster, Michelle Quarmby Location(s): Centocow Mission Station, Creighton

Accessible Environments

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Author(s): Joan Seirlis

Re(a)dressing the old dames of Pietermaritzburg: The repair and restoration of buildings owned by the KZ-N Public Works Department

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Author(s): Debbie Whelan Location(s): Pietermaritzburg

Colonial Building

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Architect(s): Grice, Small & Pettit Author(s): Debbie Whelan Location(s): 241 Church St, Pietermaritzburg

Boys Model School (Boys Preparatory School)

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Architect(s): Grice, Small & Pettit Author(s): Debbie Whelan Location(s): 310 Jabu Ndlovu St, Pietermaritzburg

Magistrates Courts

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Architect(s): Ismael Cassimjee Architects Author(s): Debbie Whelan Location(s): 122 Chief Albert Luthuli Rd, Pietermaritzburg

Old Supreme/Native High Court

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Architect(s): Mthulisi Msimang Architects Author(s): Debbie Whelan Location(s): College Rd, Pietermaritzburg

Colonial Building

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Architect(s): Grice, Small & Pettit Author(s): Nick Grice Location(s): 241 Church Street, Pietermaritzburg

Durban City Hall: Restoration of the external faҫades

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Architect(s): Woolcott, Scott & Hudson, Emmett : Emmett Architects cc Author(s): Frank Emmett Location(s): Central Durban

Natal Command Headquarters building

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Author(s): Kirk White Location(s): Oliver Tambo Drive (Snell Parade), Durban

A Travel Diary

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Architect(s): Geoffrey Bawa Author(s): Kevin Lloyd Location(s): Sri Lanka