Awards of Merit and Submissions


RIBA Council meeting attended by four South Africans

Architect(s): Rod Hackney, Revel Fox, Tom Bedford, Glen Gallagher
Author(s) Errol Haarhoff Location(s) Tanzania Keywords: ANC, black students, Built Environment Support Group, education, graduates

Corobrik Student Competition

Keywords: National regional winner, Cindy Walters, Academy of Film Art and Technique, Istvan Gosztola, University of Port Elizabeth


Author(s) J.B. Gravell Keywords: NPIA Journal

Excellence, the Only Criterion

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Architect(s): Small Pettit & Robson, Franklin Garland Gibson & Partners, Vandeverre Apsey Robinson & Associates, Les Williams, Barrie Biermann, Revel Fox, Simon Roberts Author(s) Dr Walter Peters Keywords: Natal Provincial Institute of South African Architects, Natal Playhouse, Reckitt and Colman, Simon Roberts

Extracts from the President’s speech at the Awards Ceremony held in the NPIA Board Room on 2 December 1987

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Architect(s): Revel Fox Author(s) John Frost Keywords: VARA Studio, R&C Pharmaceuticals, Playhouse, Federal Theological Seminary

The Natal Playhouse

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Architect(s): Small Pettit & Robson Location(s) Durban

Vara Studio

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Architect(s): Vandeverre Apsey Robinson & Associates Location(s) Durban

Reckitt & Colman Factory

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Architect(s): Franklin Garland Gibson & Partners Location(s) Mobeni Keywords: flow pattern of manufacturing, air conditioning, packaged deals

Rank Xerox House

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Architect(s): Hope Clark Associates Location(s) Durban

Small Business Development Corporation

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Architect(s): Hallen Theron & Partners Inc. Location(s) Westville Keywords: lettable space, environmental conditions, user-requirements

McCarthy Centre

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Architect(s): Paton Taylor Associates Location(s) North Ridge Road, Durban Keywords: floors of offices

Barclays National Bank Ltd: Alterations and Additions

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Architect(s): Paton Taylor Associates Inc. Location(s) Durban, Russell Street Keywords: solar screen cladding

Natal Building Society: Brand Road Branch

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Architect(s): Paton Taylor Architects Location(s) Durban Keywords: maintenance-free finishes

Learning Resources Centre: St Mary’s School

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Architect(s): Franklin, Garland, Gibson & Partners Location(s) Kloof

Tongaat South Library

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Architect(s): McLagan & Christer Location(s) Watsonia, Tongaat

Township Manager’s Office

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Architect(s): Dibb Skordis Associates, John Royal Location(s) Vulindlela, Zululand

Natal Sharks Board Headquarters

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Architect(s): Interarc Architects Location(s) Umlanga Rocks

Victoria Street Bus Terminus

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Architect(s): Myles Pugh Sherlock Seirlis & Jarvis Location(s) Durban Keywords: low maintenance

Maternity Section Nkandla Hospital

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Architect(s): Dibb, Skordis Associates, John Royal Location(s) Nkandla, Natal

Soorti Sunni Mosque Restoration

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Architect(s): Ismail Cassimjee Location(s) Pietermaritzburg Keywords: Free Trade Area

Marine Parade Holiday Inn

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Architect(s): Meyer Pienaar & Partners Inc. Location(s) Durban Keywords: skyscraper, beachfront palace

60 Boshoff Street Shopping Development

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Architect(s): Small, Pettit & Robson Location(s) Pietermaritzburg Keywords: traditional

House Coll

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Architect(s): Johnson Murray Architects Location(s) Durban

House Dada

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Architect(s): Johnson Murray Architects Location(s) Westville Keywords: Muslim, philosophical search for unity

House Carter

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Architect(s): Johnson Murray Architects Location(s) Westville


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Architect(s): Johnson Murray Architects Location(s) Umdloti Beach Keywords: layered

House & Surgery

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Architect(s): Yusuf Patel Location(s) Westville Keywords: barrel vaults, Bruce Stead

House van Raalte

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Architect(s): Dibb, Skordis Associates, Colin Dibb Location(s) Zinkwazi Keywords: river, re-modelled

Chaka Terraces

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Architect(s): McLagan & Christer Location(s) Chaka’s Rock Keywords: holiday development

Harrogate Hall

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Architect(s): Ferreira da Silva and Stafford, Bruce Stafford Location(s) Durban Keywords: restored