Housing People


The Blueprint: A New Housing Development

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Keywords: Urban Foundation, braaivleis, commission of enquiry, Nobody, Familystans, shopping centres, de-centralised, Afrikaans, security, family planning programme, white rhinos, Umfolozi Game Reserve

Change: Housing in and around Durban

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Location(s): Manning Road, Chatsworth, Brickfield Road, Phoenix, Newlands East, Newlands West Keywords: housing pressures, White market, Malekazis, Richmond, Dube Farms, Township, black market, Indian, coloured, low densities, First, Third World country, industrial and social revolution, living standards, new face, additions and alterations, raising bonds, plans approved, inspector, exorbitant rents, Town Planning, landowners, elevations, Receiver of Revenue, tax concessions, visual survey, creation of image, tenure, public transport, recycled building materials, crime figures, Spirit, burglar guards, splatterdash plaster plinths, Kwa Zulu Development Corporation, lending institution, townships, procurement of finance, technical know-how, competition, dormitory, informal housing, 51/9 boxes, Heath Robinson, make a difference

Briardale: Preparation in Progress

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Location(s): Newlands West Indian Newtown, Phoenix, Ntuzuma Keywords: Pilot Project, housing process, employer-assisted housing, economic housing, alternative, environment, current schemes, Urban Foundation, SAR Line, residential, Building Society, dwelling types, Townhouses, Detached, steep terrain, geology, Infrastructure, vehicular access, daycare centre, group discussions, working committees, applicants, decision making, computer programme, construction tenders, planning process, financial assistance, Building Design Group Architects Inc.


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Keywords: partnership, address, class, resignations, new members, membership