Infill Architecture


Infill Architecture

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Architect(s): Stucke Harrison O’Shea and Partners, Cassim Kadwa, Willy Vandeverre Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Location(s) Church Street, St George’s Street Keywords: Allied Building, Khatani Centre, architects’ and planners’ office, post-modernism, ISAA Natal Award of Merit

VARA Studio

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Architect(s): Vandeverre, Apsey, Robinson & Associates Author(s) Willy C Vandeverre Location(s) St. George’s Street Keywords: atrium, hanging gardens

Allied Building Society

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Architect(s): Stucke Harrison O’Shea & Partners Author(s) Andrew Gibb Location(s) Church Street Keywords: Garret Eckbo

Khatani Centre

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Architect(s): Cassim A. H. Kadwa Author(s) Cassim Kadwa Location(s) Prince Edward and Victoria Streets, Grey Street Keywords: Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, Concrete Society of S.A., ‘supermarket-as-magnet’

Le Petit Tour (Au Cap)

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Architect(s): Rex Martienssen, G. E. Pearse Author(s) Barrie Biermann Location(s) Calitzdorp, Oudtshoorn, Philippolis Keywords: Grand Tour, The Golden Road: Impressions of an Architectural Pilgrimage to the Cape, Third Years, Institute’s Education Levy

Practice Changes

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Page 9 Architect(s): Small, Pettit & Robson, Franklin Garland Gibson & Partners, Vandeverre, Apsey, Robinson & Associates Keywords: ISAA Awards of Merit, Natal Playhouse, Reckitt & Colman Pharmaceutical Factory, VARA Studio

Obituary – Ernest Hudson Bennet

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Author(s) S.N. Tomkin, W.R. O’Beirne Keywords: Natal Provincial Institute of Architects, President, President-in-Chief