Listing Buildings of Architectural and Historical Interest in Pietermaritzburg


Editorial Comment: Cataloguing and Listing

Author(s) Walter Peters Keywords: special architectural, historic interest, Durban City Council, Natal Provincial Institute of Architects, inventory, recorded, character, conservation, legal protection, U.K., mother city, objectives, legislation, selective reduction, preliminary evaluations, Civic Amenities Act, landscape, street furniture, fences, hedges, trees, volumes of spaces, French, Malraux Law, urban, context, old and new

Practice Changes

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Computer Applications Group

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University/Institute Liaison Committee

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Cataloguing and Listing of Buildings of Historical and/or Architectural Merit in Pietermaritzburg

Page 1 Author(s) Alec Duigan Keywords: allocation of criteria, listing, potential/possible listing, over 80 yrs archaeological/ architectural study, work of pioneer/ recognised master, enhance quality of adjoining square/ space, urban setting, architectural merit, rare/ outstanding architectural examples, national/ local importance, historical importance, Victorian, Edwardian, demolition, moulded brickwork, detailed fretwork, timber fascias, barges, roof tiles, terracotta, cast iron balustrades, columns, verandah screens, fencing, Town Planning, Clause 27 bid Amendment, property owner, Provincial Ordinance, City Council, delisted, transfer of building bulk, Mr Bassett’s Report, National Monuments Council, Chief Professional Officer, City Council Resolution, Collection of Data for the Technical Committee, Mechanics of Cataloguing, multi-function, 35mm camera, property reference number, street scene photographs, negative sheet, Property Files, cadastral number, Obstacles Encountered, Incentives, economic viability, Rates Relief, Direct Grant-In Aids

Productivity Improvements on Plaster Brick Delivery

Page 4 Keywords: Product News, Corobrik Natal Effingham Factory, delivery, Tony Pooke, stretchwrapping of plaster bricks

Corobrik Rationalises Special Range

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