NPIA Newsletter 2 1978


Beachfront Redevelopment

Page 2
Location(s): South Beach, North Beach Keywords: urban and landscape design programme, final year students, University of Natal, redevelopment scheme, Holford Kantorowitz, 1968, ecological recommendations, Umgeni Estuary, harbour entrance, international urban beach, Indian and Pacific Ocean regions, priorities, entrance, sunken garden, elangeni, Maharani Hotels, Battery Beach, natural dune formations and vegetation, marina, promenade, continuous pedestrianised walkway, Point, recreational area, built-up areas, proposals, Bell Street, City Engineer’s Department, Erskine Terrace, Argyle Road, Sol Harris Crescent, Defence Headquarters, residential, parks system, arterial function, upper Marine and Snell Parades, Leopold Street, western freeway systems, local access

Bell Street Proposal

Page 5
Author(s): Sub-Committee on Planning of the Natal Provincial Institute of the City Engineer Keywords: City Engineer, Natal Provincial Institute of Architects, prime areas, optimum development, P.A.R., North Beach, parking ratio, garage, hostile environment, building forms, orientation, micro-climate, shadow lines, views, wind, tower, Guidelines for Development Policy, South Beach, Point, Beachfront, enhancement, Camperdown Road, competition, John Frost


Page 6
Architect(s): S.N. Tomkin, G. Seitter, M. Dibb Keywords: Railway Line, Victoria Embankment, Action Committee, Natal Institute, S.A.R. & H., Berea Road Station, Esplanade, Durban City Council, Corporate and Independent Advertising, Public Relations Officer, Advertising Manager, campaign, architects notice board, private exhibitions, trial, Submission of Plans, Natal School of Architecture/ Natal Provincial Institute of Architects Liaison Committee, welfare of members, student society, annual fancy dress ball


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Keywords: address, partnerships, class, membership, new members