NPIA Newsletter 3 1976


Victoria Embankment: The Plot Thickens

Page 1
Author(s): John Frost Location(s): Victoria Embankment, Medwin Gardens Keywords: review, Institute of Architects, destruction, possibility, land reclaim, bay, depression, sunken gardens, values, residential quality, slum conditions, revitalization, standard of facilities, Beachfront, Natal Provincial Institute of Architects, Bay Edge, land space, water, noise, pollution

Status of City Architect

Page 3
Author(s): Natal Provincial Institute Keywords: husbanding the urban environment, Durban City Council, local government, restructuring, direct professional contact, degradation, Institute of Architects, Department of the Urban Environment, Chief Architect, Chief Planner, problems, City Engineer’s Department, Town Planning

General Residential Control

Page 4
Keywords: city, most concrete, most lasting, most inspiring, expression of man’s social genius, The Chamber, Town Planning Scheme, coverage, side and rear space, location of parking, building lines, garden city attitudes, report on the Planning of the Berea, City Engineer 1965, coverage 20%, multi-unit design, recreation, garden development, destruction of trees, minimum space, provision, planting, road widening, ideal residential development, loss of amenity, towers in a park, Department of Parks, Recreation and Beaches, sub-tropical, Transportation Study

The Real Effects of Scheme Clauses

Page 5
Author(s): The Durban Chamber of Commerce Keywords: high towers, The Chamber, Berea city block, zoned General Residential 1, Plot Area Ratio (PAR), consolidation of subdivisions into larger lots, slab, tower, Berea slopes, low coverage development, overshadowing, solar shadow pattern, Umhlanga Rocks Town Planning Scheme, bulk factor, sociological and psychological considerations, high-rise flats, low-rise residential, community, planning legislation, flat roofs, garden extension, duplex flats, maximum permissible coverage, point block, candlestick, balance, building types, visual contrasts, small-scale human environment, controls, City Engineer’s Department


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Keywords: partnerships, address, membership