Old and New Design Relationships


Farewell to Monica Gobel

Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Sydney, NPIA Board Room

Old and New: Towards a Positive Assurance of Each

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Architect(s): Brian Kearney, Stauch Vorster, Horne Glasson & Partners Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Spirit, Old Building

Conservation Technology Workshop 23-25 September 1988

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Author(s) Prof. Brian Kearney, John Frost, Gordon Small, Michael Dyer, Robert Brusse, Patricia Emmett, Rodney Harber, Peter Louis, Dr Walter Peters Keywords: Architectural Conservation, Durban City Council, Conservation Awards, Conservation Documentation

Alterations and Additions: Curatorial Choices

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Architect(s): Brian Kearney Author(s) Brian Kearney Location(s) 524 Ridge Road, Durban, 59 Musgrave Road, Durban Keywords: Mimic, Durban Post Office, Separation, context, Decentralised Professional Offices, Late Victorian Houses, Berea Villa

Professional Offices Stauch Vorster Durban

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Architect(s): Stauch Vorster, William Street-Wilson Author(s) Ivor Daniel Location(s) 59 Musgrave Road, Durban Keywords: Contextual Appropriateness, Victorian villa, Restoration and Conversion, Spirit of the Past

Professional Offices Horne Glasson & Partners

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Architect(s): Horne Glasson & Partners, James Gourley Author(s) James Gourlay Location(s) Ridge Road Keywords: Environmental Preservation, Separate Structure, Grille Blocks

Durban City Council Conservation Awards, 1987

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Architect(s): A. Merret , V. Foster, H.R Schaefer, E.R Browne & Sons Location(s) Durban, 295 Florida Road, 19/21 Napier Road, 36 Norfolk Road, 89 St George’s Street , 73 Musgrave Road Keywords: Conservation Awards Committee, Workshop, Colonial Architecture

Publications: Design of Learning Spaces

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Architect(s): Costas Criticos, Michael Thurlow, Jeremy Sabine, Stauch Vorster Author(s) Shelagh Nation Location(s) King George V Avenue, Durban Keywords: Design of Leaning Space, Socio-Political Analyses, Environmental Design, NEST School

A Guide to the History & Architecture of Durban

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Architect(s): Sally Adams, David Bennett Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters

Rhodes. Towards the Conservation of a Unique South African Town

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Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: fourth year students, School of Architecture, Environmental Conservation, Obsolete Housing

NPIA Committee, Sub-Committees, Representatives and Appointments

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Architect(s): John Frost, Maurice Dibb, Rob Platt, Brian Johnson, Peter Hoal, Ivor Daniel, Paul Mikula Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Provincial Committee for 1988/89

Brick Design Awards

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Architect(s): Willie Meyer Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Corobrik, Natal Mercury

Patron of Architecture Award

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Architect(s): John Frost Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Durban City Council, South African Institute of Architects, conservation