Post-Modernism: Contemporary Attitudes in Europe and America



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Architect(s): Charles Jencks Author(s): Dr. Wally Peters Keywords: umbrella term, contemporary attitudes in architecture, modern, International Style, publications, urban design, Columbia


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Author(s): Lance Smith Keywords: Stafford and Murray, response, architectural problems, interventionist, J C Smuts

Europe: Architecture of Intervention

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Architect(s): Ferreira da Silva and Stafford Architects, Aldo Rossi, Abbe Laugier, Giorgio de Chiroco, Le Corbusier, O.M. Ungers, Leon Krier, Manfredo Tafuri, Quinlan Terry Author(s): Bruce Stafford Keywords: modern movement is dead, Esprit Nouveau, technology, Centre Pompidou, British New Towns, Plan Voisin, Blitzkrieg, Renaissance, meaning, historical-intelligence, politico-cultural, Architecture and the City, Neo-Classicist, nature, rusticated, liberal diversity, geometric form, simplest pure composition, semiotic, melancholic naivety, bourgeois imperialism, Drawing with statue of S. Carlo, Michelangelo adaptation, Rustic Hut, new social centre in St. Peter’s Square, Marxist, cultural medium, capitalist, ideology, exercise of power, commercial, essential elements, column, pediment, triangular roof truss, urban synthesis, Utopian Architypes


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Architect(s): Johnson Murray Architects, Robert Stern, Venturi and Ranch, Michael Graves, Eero Saarinen, Louis Kahn, Charles Moore Author(s): Andrew Murray Keywords: silicone chip, bionic high, classical, pastiche, applique, Bauhaus, Mies, Gropius, Breuer, neo-colonialism, International Style, purist, TWA Building, Complexity and Contradiction, Learning from Las Vegas, Venturi and Scott Brown, language, Prix de Rome, De Stijl, Cubism, historical allusions, allegorical, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, whimsy, Lang House, contextualism, ornamentation, Shingle Style, universal pleasures, spirits to soar, New Journalism, metaphors, puns

University/ Institute Liaison Committee

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Architect(s): Paul Mikula Keywords: What can we learn from Hindu temples?, Traditional Hindu Temples in South Africa, University of Natal: Helmut Jahn on 362 Smith Street, Tennis, Students and Staff vs the Profession


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Keywords: ISAA Congress 1983: Southern African Architecture: Roots, development, Future, public relations, visits to buildings


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Keywords: partnerships, Addresses, membership, class, Members, resignations, deceased