Recent Work by Practices of the Pietermaritzbug and Natal Midlands Committee



Author(s): Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: Sub-Committee

The Private Enterprise/Architect problem in Pietermaritzburg

Architect(s): Mies van der Rohe Author(s): Geoff Carter-Brown Keywords: low level economic structure, construction costs, indulge, extravaganza, draughtsman’s service, Professional Promotions Directorate, Reservation of Work Act, less is more


Keywords: practices, Members, class, membership, address


Architect(s): Patrick Holdcroft, ZAI, Moolman, van der Walt, Vlok, van der Westhuizen and Bold, Brian Servant Partnership, Robert Stern Author(s): Gordon Small Location(s): Drakensberg, Mpumalanga, Victoria Road Keywords: industrial, package dealers, Louis Grove, variegated roofscape, natural lighting, ventilation, service cores, double volumed kitchen, shed-like roofing, Enelka Flats, Dundee, Tony Clarkson, House Marshall, clerestory, fireplace, facebrick, plastic use, Brian Servant Partnership, Biology Building, Agricultural Building, axial planning basis, Hughes and Todd, landscaping, sheet metal, people, thing, Gilbeys Distribution Depot, C.B. Engineering Building, jolly, C & J Clark Personnel Facility, engineering building, contextually suited, historicism, not fashion bound

Public Relations

Author(s): Jean Nuttall Keywords: Letters, promotion of architecture, ‘Archicentre’, Chicago, education officers, New York, Paul Goldberger, The City Observed, Ira J. Back, Chicago’s Famous Buildings, guide, ISAA

Recycling for the Performing Arts

Author(s): Prof. Wallace van Zyl Location(s): Johannesburg, Bloemfontein Keywords: Greenacres, Old Station, Natal Playhouse, demolition-prone, Colosseum, Majesty’s theatres, Civic Theatre, State Theatre, recycled Market Theatre, opera house, historic Old Chapel, St Michael’s School, doctoral study, white elephants

Natal Playhouse

Architect(s): Jack Barnett Author(s): Gordon Small Keywords: rehabilitation, African Theatres, Playhouse Auditorium, Disneyland, Tudor Revival, Edwardian, Ritz, Savoy Hotel, London West End, New Met

Rehabilitation of Buildings

Architect(s): Jack Barnett Author(s): Hans Hallen Keywords: shops in the underpasses, mugged, West End, Broadway, demolition, Greenacres

Biology Building

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Architect(s): Meanwell, Andersson and Jackson Location(s): University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg Keywords: Departments of Botany and Zoology, laboratory, shells, functional, square shape, economic, service core, economy of area utilisation, flexibility, no internal columns, piped supply, disposal services

House Scoccia

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Architect(s): Glasspool, Coote and Clarkson Location(s): Ladysmith Keywords: life style, maximum privacy, pool, external focus, entertainment, guest wing, calsi gold face brickwork, bagged, mazista

House Marshall

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Architect(s): Glasspool, Coote and Clarkson Location(s): Ladysmith, Drakensberg Keywords: suburban stand, entertainers, zoning pattern, compact, family room, face brickwork, quarry tile floors, rhino board

House Heyns

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Architect(s): Glasspool, Coote and Clarkson Location(s): Dundee Keywords: dairy/crop farmer, agronomist, innovative farming methods, privacy, labourers, office, artistic talents, municipal bye-laws, staggered, rockface brick, open plan, family room, sunken lounge, central service bar, studio

House Pandor

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Architect(s): Glasspool, Coote and Clarkson Location(s): Dundee Keywords: business man, courtyards, north light, sunlight, family room, servantless

House Hatfield

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Architect(s): Brian Servant Partnership Location(s): Pietermaritzburg Keywords: motor cars, restoration of vintage cars and sports, relationship, interior to the exterior, steeply sloping east facing, split levels

Enelka Flats

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Architect(s): L. Grove Architect Location(s): Dundee Keywords: bachelor flats, two-bedroomed flats, distributor road, integrated living, dining, cooking, duplex

Gilbey’s Distribution Depot

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Architect(s): Brian Servant Partnership Location(s): Pietermaritzburg Keywords: Warehouse/ Distribution Centre, Pentrich Industrial Area, steel portal frame, Colomet, Calsi-Facebricks, Calsi-Bricks

Hulett Aluminium Technical Block

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Architect(s): Hughes Todd Inc. Location(s): Pietermaritzburg Keywords: laboratories, centralised, quality control, technical administration, facebrick, testing equipment, metallography, cafeteria

C & J Clark Personnel Facility

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon Location(s): Pietermaritzburg Keywords: steel structure, landscaped outdoor recreation area

Hendersons Heavy Duty Vehicle Service Centre

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon Location(s): Pietmaritzburg Keywords: business-like, reduce the capital expenditure, reinforced concrete, Parts Section, Workshop Section, curved eaves

C.B. Engineering Works

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon Location(s): Pietermaritzburg Keywords: non-building, draughtsman, street frontage, impossibly low cost, mushroomed up

Workshop and Admin. Complex

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Architect(s): Moolman, van der Walt, Vlok, van der Westhuizen & Bold Location(s): Hammarsdale Keywords: technical, maintenance, administration, training facilities, Plant Workshop, machinery, in-house training of apprentices, gantry, Auxiliary, joinery

Howson-Algraphy Factory

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Architect(s): Zakrezewski Associates Inc. Location(s): Pietermaritzburg Keywords: lithographic printing plates, critical tolerance, high grade aluminium, highly automated, unique, Southern Hemisphere, production area, bulk raw material storage, one level, site configuration, landscaping, transplantation, mature plane trees, rounded eaves, structural steelwork, load bearing brickwork, concrete roof slab, aluminium patent glazing, translucent fibreglass, airconditioned, services, exposed, colour coded, power floated, epoxy

University/ Institute Liaison Committee

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