Rehabilitation of Buildings



Author(s): Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: urban design, arcades, refurbished, worthy buildings, conservation, demolitions, preservation, redevelopment, redundant buildings, character, its spirit, retention, best features, contemporary, economical, re-building, challenge, original architect, existing space, maximum efficiency, modern needs, services, elaborate facade, eclecticism, detailed delight, Victorians, old, unique history, distinct identity in time and space, continuity, Incentives for Rehabilitation, US Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, replace, revitalise economic prospects, tax Credit, Amortization, Accelerated Depreciation, AIA Journal, income, National Register for Historic Places, Greenacres, past, national


Architect(s): Revel Fox Keywords: NPIA – Durban Arts ’83 Exhibition, Natal architects, Durban Art Gallery, City Hall, catalogue, services, Institute, serves the community, Natal practices, promotional opportunity, Best brick-built building competition, Corobrik

University/Institute Liaison Committee Letters

Author(s): Lance Smith, Helmut Jahn Keywords: public relations, educating the lay public, crit, jury, Daily News, New York Times, Paul Goldberger, promote, testing buildings, architectural criticism, Cape Times, Reyner Banham, Ada Louise Huxtable, Pevsner, perceptive, post-modernism, United States and Europe


Keywords: partnerships, Members, Addresses, class, membership

Provincial Theatres Complex – Natal Playhouse

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Architect(s): Small, Pettit & Robson, Gordon Small, Cown, Powers and Ellis Location(s): Smith Street Keywords: African Theatres Ltd., P. Rogers Cook, Princes, broadcasting studio, Johannesburg Colosseum, below the water table, cool and dehumidified air, all-Elizabethan, star-lit sky, Charlie Chaplin, The Gold Rush, 17th Century French style, BBC, London, merit, economic advantages, rehabilitating, Natal Provincial Administration, original fabric, Spirit, opera, drama, Playhouse Proscenium Area, new stage, fly tower, Grand Foyer, porte-cochere, rehearsal, foci, illusionistic ceiling of stars, reinstated, roof trusses, machinery, below mean sea level, diaphragm walls, Bentonite, tension piles, phased opening


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Architect(s): Selsick Kinnear Mitchell, Ben Hoffenberg, Willy Malfeyt Keywords: Harvey Greenacre and Co., City of Durban, T. Morgan Harvey, Benjamin W. Greenacre, drapery store, W.E. Robarts, modern renascence style, fire prevention sprinkler system, ventilation, sanitary, passenger and goods lifts, curving, Preservation Battle, chain-store, lease-back, Architectural Challenge, West Street elevation, clock tower, matching-up, structural grid, space frame, bronze tinted safety glass, cast iron columns, historical facade, ‘no vibration’ piles, steel shores, post-tensioned

Old Durban Station

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Architect(s): Hallen, Theron & Partners, Interarc Location(s): Commercial Road Keywords: preservation, vacate, ownership passed, road improvements, extension, retain, best parts, two rapid stages, administrative offices, Natal Government Railways, S.A.R., alternating layers of brick and stucco, Victorian, angled intersection, historical, sound structure, urban design issues, turret, scale, finish, echoes the shape and form, existing platform building, traffic island, CBD, historic centre, lantern roofs, Gateway Plaza, shopping malls


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Architect(s): Small, Pettit & Robson, Gordon Small Author(s): Jack Barnett Location(s): Cape Town Keywords: Railway Station controversy, radio debate, Old Playhouse, African Theatres, NAPAC, theatre and opera house, workable backstage facilities, foyer, London west-end tradition, rear seats 38 metres from the stage apron, Greenacres, retention, bland solution, renovation, welding, quality, Locomotive Plaza, subway, opposed to demolition, new economic determinants, economical to recycle, preventing, depersonalisation of the urban environment, preserving links, present and past, architectural altruism, ideals, adapt human needs, economic, social, physical, ISAA Gold Medal of Honour Recipient