Some Projects of the Architectural Section of the Natal Region of the Urban Foundation



Author(s): Walter Peters Keywords: Architectural Section, Natal Region, low-income groups, unskilled labour, Christina Giampetri

Background to the Urban Foundation and its Involvement in Project Activity

Author(s): Peter Wilkinson, Derek van Heerden Keywords: 1976, improving the quality of life, structural reform, participatory process, housing, just society, housing for Blacks, security of tenure, self-help concepts, ACCESS, public and private sector financing, communities, development agency, research, advocacy, communication, innovative, pre-school education, demonstration, negotiating role, technical expertise, management skills, design models, responsive project, monitoring performance, usage, local builders, lump sum contract, labour-only builders and subcontractors, on-site management, repayable soft loans, third world development, quantity, over quality, de-skilled

Provincial Committee

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Keywords: News, Malcolm Hamlin, NPIA, Bill Vos

Geoffrey Le Sueur Scholarship

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Keywords: News, Johann Slee, Cape Dutch, Palladian, Veneto

Corobrik’s Unique “All Products Catalogue” System

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Keywords: News, national catalogue system, world first, walling, roofing, ceramic, tile, sanitary-ware, 50, factories, face bricks, colours, moods, grade, classification, technical data

University/ Institute Liaison Committee Best Brick Prize

Architect(s): Small, Pettit & Robson, Hallen, Theron and Partners, Marinier, Small and Pettit Author(s): Gordon Small Keywords: Letters

The Awards System

Architect(s): Hallen Theron and Partners, Julian Elliott Author(s): Don Dyke-Wells Keywords: Letters, Mangosuthu Technikon, intellectual superiority, jury’s brief, uncomfortably wide, Awards Group, Royal Institute of British Architects, censorious comment, criteria, citation, architectural form, visual awareness

Site and Service Scheme – KwaMashu 1980

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Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): KwaMashu Keywords: housing, undeveloped infill areas, middle income, owner-build, free enterprise

Inanda Newtown 1981

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Architect(s): Urban Foundation Keywords: housing, site and service, minimum infrastructure, pit latrines, stand pipes, Govt. loans, environmental upgrading, low income

Self-Help Housing

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Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Phoenix Keywords: housing, Indian self-help housing, utility company

Briardale – Newlands West 1981

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Architect(s): Urban Foundation, Building Design Group Location(s): Newlands West Keywords: commercial, Indian Housing, Townhouses, Detached, nursery school, public park, community, middle income group

Inanda Newtown Traders Market and Industrial Units

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Keywords: commercial, covered stalls, Market Square, manufacturing, marketing

Home Improvement

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Location(s): Umlazi Keywords: commercial, technical advice, national architectural competition

KwaMashu Traders Market

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Keywords: commercial, station, KwaMashu Council, covered stalls, service facilities, offal traders

Sankontshe School

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Mpumalanga Keywords: education schools, labour only contracts, courtyard design

Bergville School

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Rookdale Keywords: education schools, ablutions (vent. pit type), lump sum contract, hail zone

Dube High School

Architect(s): Building Design Group Location(s): KwaMashu Keywords: education schools, laboratory, formal lump sum contract, teachers training college, cum high school

Nqobane School

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Dassenhoek Keywords: education schools, aqua-privy, labour only contracts, steep hill, rock terraces, water, school children, building work

Nonhlevu Secondary School

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Keywords: education schools, upgrading existing buildings, phased development, Stanger Rotary

Mgane Wakhe School

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Umgababa Keywords: education schools, aqua-privy, coastal hilltop site, extreme wind conditions, courtyard space, hard surface

Newlands East Creche

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Keywords: education, Pre-Schools, negotiated lump sum, Mayor’s Fund, hilltop site, protect playing area from wind

Umlazi Resources Centre

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Keywords: education, Pre-Schools, lump sum contract, sloping site, after hours

Magabheni Creche

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Umkomaas, Fredville, Limehill Keywords: education, Pre-Schools, labour only contract, prototype

Havenside Creche

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Chatsworth Keywords: education, Pre-Schools, Panhandle site, National Housing Commission Standards, large shed, covered verandah

Groutville Nursery School

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Keywords: education, Pre-Schools, formal lump sum contract, Stanger Rotary, maximise orientation, enclose external play space

Milkafrika Creche

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Inanda Newtown Keywords: education, Pre-Schools, Milk Afrika Music Festival

Abadingayo Children’s Home

Architect(s): M. Dyer Location(s): Edendale, Pietermaritzburg Keywords: community facilities, orphaned children, dormitory, matron, negotiated contract


Architect(s): Building Design Group Location(s): KwaMashu Keywords: community facilities, matron’s flat

Umlazi Old Age Home

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Keywords: community facilities

YWCA KwaMashu

Architect(s): Franklin, Garland & Gibson Keywords: community facilities, centralised courtyard

Bantuvukani School Kitchen

Architect(s): Urban Foundation Location(s): Lamontville Keywords: community facilities, school population, excess of 1000, daily feeding scheme

Inanda Newtown Community Hall

Architect(s): Mikula and Johnson Keywords: community facilities, local clinic, portal frame, labour only contracts

Community Hall

Keywords: community facilities, pilot Indian self-help, LA requirements, indoor sports, high ceiling heights

Mqhawe School Hall

Location(s): Inanda Mission Reserve Keywords: community facilities, open-sided hall, portal frame, lump sum contract, infill block work, local labour, centenary celebrations

Adams Hosken Hall

Architect(s): Urban Foundation, K MacGarry Keywords: community facilities, negotiated labour only contract

Locality Map

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Keywords: Indian group areas, developed Indian, Black group area, developed Black, Coloured area, developed Coloured, industry

Comment: Architecture and the Challenge of Development

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Keywords: promotion, well-being of individuals and communities, quality of life, Third World, development strategies, reduction, removal, inequity, focus in development, basic needs, material improvement, rapid city growth, levels of inequality, squatter housing, African, non-government development agencies, Soweto uprisings, involvement of architects, skills, Poverty, income, contribution


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Keywords: partnership, Addresses, membership, Members, class, resigned