Southern Natal


Practice Notices

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Natal South Coast Architecture

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Architect(s): Theunissen Jankowitz, Renée Swanepoel Author(s) Kevin Lloyd Keywords: National Physical Development Plan, coastal strip, tourist mecca, ribbon development, Environmental Act

Architectural Practice on the Natal South Coast

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Author(s) Ken Parker Location(s) Port Shepstone Keywords: rat race, local construction methods, undulating sites, corrosive climate, codes and ethics

Practicing in a Small Community

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Architect(s): JB Gravell & Associates Author(s) Jimmy Gravell Location(s) St. Michael’s on Sea Keywords: local life, respected professional, service to people, draughting office

Civic Centre

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Architect(s): Theunissen Jankowitz SA Inc., Renée Swanepoel Location(s) Shelly Beach Keywords: low maintenance, curved colonnade, cross-axis, concrete, brickwork

Motor Dealer

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Architect(s): Theunissen Jankowitz SA Inc., Renée Swanepoel Location(s) Shelly Beach Keywords: concrete ringbeam

Linden Terrace Flats

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Architect(s): Theunissen Jankowitz SA Inc., Kevin Lloyd Location(s) Ramsgate Keywords: bedrock, coastline, raking step back, spine, Mediterranean

Ramsgate Beach Club

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Architect(s): Eben du Plessis Location(s) Ramsgate Keywords: time-share, Sub-Urban Business, re-zone, General Residential, constraints on the design

Margate Sun

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Architect(s): Artek 4 (Becker Hofman Architects) Author(s) Brian Becker Keywords: holiday units, upwardly mobile, post-modern

Marine Glen Flats

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Architect(s): Artek 4 (Becker Hofman Architects), Brian Becker Location(s) Ramsgate Keywords: Ramsgate Lagoon, indigenous trees, Environmental Act, holiday flats

Olwandle School

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Architect(s): Derek van Heerden Location(s) Gamalakhe, Port Shepstone Keywords: KwaZulu Works Department, community participation, library, sea, building system

Mbango Park Retirement Village

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Architect(s): Hallen Theron & Partners, Frank Emmett Location(s) Umbango River, Port Shepstone Keywords: Service Centre, Frail Aged Home, Housing component, outdoor community spaces, passive recreation

Mt Currie Motel Wimpy

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon, Sydney Baillon Location(s) Kokstad Keywords: restaurant and take-away, arts and craft shop, drawcard, outdoor patios, eating facilities