Towards Regionalism in the Last Outpost


Towards Regionalism in the Last Outpost

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Author(s) George Elphick Keywords: Emma Smith and Geoffrey Le Sueur Scholarships, post-modernism, fashion time-lag, traditional principles, Natal regionalism

From the President

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Architect(s): Danie Theron, Wally Peters, Jessie Birss, Brian Johnson, George Elphick Author(s) John Frost Keywords: NPIA Newsletter, ISAA Architectural Writers’ and Critics’ Award

Durban Cultural Centre Competition

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Architect(s): Uytenbogaardt & Rosendal, Silverman & Challenger, Johnson & Murray, Mario Farinha, Meyer Pienaar Smith Moren Inc., Lee McGarry Mikula & Patel, Danie Theron and Chris Swales, Hallen Theron & Partners Keywords: cultural centre housing, Natural and Local History Museums, Central Library, Durban Central Library


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Location(s) University of Natal, School of Architecture, Durban Keywords: four-year Bachelor’s degree, equal opportunity, affirmative action, apartheid

Practice Notices

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Zinkwazi Beach House

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Architect(s): Stafford Associate Architects, Dean Jay Keywords: milkwood, ‘traditional veranda’ house

Beach Pools on a Colonial Theme

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Architect(s): Luis Ferreira da Silva, L. Cohen, C. Marinier Location(s) Battery Beach, Northern Freeway Keywords: Sir Edwin Lutyens, crowd control, Mughal Garden, Imperial Delhi, regionalist

House on a Grass Verge

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Architect(s): Richard Dobson of Interarc Location(s) Corner of Sydenham and Riley Roads, Durban Keywords: public tender, Brakenhurst, courtyard building, palette of colours, Union Period

Assagai Architecture

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Architect(s): Roy Farren, Franklin Garland Gibson and Cunningham, AIA Architects Location(s) 10km from Ondini Keywords: post-modern, African objects, The Royal Pavilion, Cetshwayo’s Kraal in Ondini, Ulundi Hotel