Training of Architectural Technicians


Architects and Technicians

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Author(s) Dr. Walter Peters Keywords: M L Sultan, Natal School of Architecture, Liaison Committee, Leslie Croft

National Diploma and Higher Diploma Syllabus for Architectural Technicians

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Technikon Natal: The Department of Architecture

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Architect(s): Bryan V Cooke, Leslie T Croft, Peter E Douglas, Alaric Napier Author(s) Alaric Napier Keywords: Diploma, Architectural Technicians, construction technology, draughtsmanship, Autocad

M L Sultan Technikon: Architectural Technicians

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Architect(s): Wray Steele, Henri Fenelon, Abdul Mahomed, Wouter Gildenhuys, Braam Loubser Author(s) Wray Steele Keywords: National Education, Diploma, co-operative education, Desmond Clarence

Technikon Natal National Diploma: Students’ Work

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Keywords: Renaissance, Yvette de Klein, Mark Zank, Autocad, L C Trenor

M L Sultan National Diploma: Students’ Work

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Keywords: K Padayachee, R Naidoo, F Ballim, S Murugan, A Narshai, S Pillay, R Ashram

Technikon Natal Higher Diploma: Students’ Work

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Keywords: Ingrid Mileham, Chris Davis

M L Sultan Higher Diploma: Students’ Work

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Keywords: K Rampaul, R Asharam

Comment: The Architectural Draughtsman/Technician

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Author(s) Leslie T Croft Keywords: Commission of Inquiry, Training of Architects, Llewelyn Davies


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Keywords: Roux Wildenboer, Peter Ahrends, John Stegmann, Victoria Street Bus Terminus


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Architect(s): Errol Haarhoff, Don Dyke-Wells Keywords: Head of Natal School of Architecture, Honorary Degree, James Walton, ISAA Writers and Critics Award, Doctor of Architecture

Ulundi Hotel Design Competition

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Architect(s): Pfeiffer, Marais and Moull, Roy Farren, Andre Hodgskin, Thomas Craig, Jan van Wijk, Mohammed Mayet Location(s) Zululand, White Mfolozi River Keywords: KwaZulu Finance and Investigation Corporation, marry rural charm and modern design, tribal kraal