March 2013 Letter from the KZNIA President – Kevin Bingham

Dear Members

March 2013

These month ends seem to come around quickly nowadays and perhaps it is merely a positive sign of being busy.

As usual, there has been a lot of action around the KZNIA. 

As examples, Lindsay Napier and the Heritage Task Group have been very proactive in their work with AMAFA – the SAHRIS course was a tremendous success. 

I too sat in on one of Melissa Wilkins’ Practice Task Groups meetings, and it was rewarding to see the proposals that they have in mind for our members with regard Municipal liaison and submission processes. Tony Whitfield attended this meeting too and it was made clear to me in chatting to Tony, that there are many members in the 50+ bracket who have a wealth of experience and advice to offer. Our Institute is a communal support base for its members. I am sure that there are many of you with experience worth sharing – please join in for our common wealth of knowledge.

I also had the pleasure of attending the welcome function for the UIA2014 International Committee pre-conference, held at the Southern Sun Hotel, North Beach. I last recall the “Maharani” being a late night (early morning) “International Hotel” haunt of the late 70’s/80’s, and the roof top venue remains an attraction. I truly commend the extensive efforts of KZNIA committee members Nina Saunders, Trish Emmett, Rodney Harber and Ruben Reddy and their Team for the planning that is going into this 2014 event – Durban is going to be abuzz with International Architects and the conference is aiming very high!

It was sad to learn of the closure of the Cement and Concrete Institute. We will all have their little handbook somewhere on our shelves and will recall the many years of dedicated service that they gave to the profession, allied professionals and very many students. The research and education that they did over many decades was of assistance to all and we are left wondering who will pick up the baton. 

I hope to see you at the “Lost Projects” exhibition at the KZNIA soon – ’til then enjoy the Easter break.

‘Til next