Date posted: 04/06/2024
Position: Architect or Architectural Technologist

Durban Based Practice

Deadline: 25/06/2025
Date posted: 15/04/2024
Position: Fixed Term Contract Lecturer & Design Studio Mentors

Durban University of Technology

Deadline: 24/05/2024
Date posted: 15/04/2024
Position: Junior Architect & Senior Technologist

Bloc Architects

Deadline: 30/05/2024
Date posted: 25/03/2024
Position: Candidate Architect / Architectural Technologist

Axiom Arc

Deadline: 15/04/2024
Date posted: 22/03/2024
Position: Professional Architect

FGG Architects

Deadline: 27/03/2024
Date posted: 18/03/2024
Position: Professional Architect & Senior Architectural Technologist

Craft of Architecture

Deadline: 12/04/2024