12 Catherine Street, Waterways, oThongathi, South Africa
This temple, together with its surrounding mango trees, originally lay behind a moat, forming a circular walkway around the tower in order to facilitate the ritual practice of circumambulation. (The nearby Vishnu and Shiva temples have verandas to serve the same purpose). Visible from the main road in Tongaat, the temple’s 23-metre-high tower is crowned by primitive sculptures of Vishnu. The North Indian vertical cella (shrine) was built in 1901 with local shale by Pundit Shree Maharaj. The temple is still owned by the Maharaj family but has unfortunately been modernised, despite its status as  a National Monument. Nonetheless, its dimly lit interior offers a unique experience. Look out for the grotesque and warlike deity Juggernathi, who gives the site its name.
Architect(s): Not Available
Year: 1909
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