1982 First Year Class, University of Natal (now UKZN)


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Author(s): Walter Peters Keywords: 1982 First Year class of the University of Natal, Kate Otten, Ruben Reddy, Rodney Harber, Colin Savage, Fin Heunis


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Keywords: Christopher du Trevou, Nadia Tromp, Vassilis Sgoutas Prize, Patrick Smith, Monique Gillespie, SAIA-KZN Presidential inauguration, 50th President, Sikhumbuzo (Skura) Mtembu, KZNSA Gallery, Scroll of Honour, Hugh Andrew Bowman, Richard Trefor Dobson, UKZN Architectural Learning Site, post-graduate degrees, B.Arch (Hons), M.Arch (Prof), 2021 SAIA-KZN Award for Architecture: Book, ‘Hans Hallen: Selected 1960s projects in Durban’, Kevin Bingham, Prof Arthur Barker, Mike Louw, Ken Howie, Silvia Bodei, Walter Peters, Rodney Harber, Michele Jacobs, Hans Hallen Drawings Collection at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Correction, Issue 2/2021: Obituary, Mthembeni Mkize (1955-2021)

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Author(s): Ruben Reddy Keywords: Adheema Davis, Penny Sebe, President of SAIA-KZN, SAIA-KZN Scroll of Honour, Maya Angelou

The Year 1 Class ’82 in Context

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Author(s): Rodney Harber Keywords: Don Dyke-Wells, Kevin McGarry, National Presidents of SAIA, international recognition, transition, political awakening, UNAHTU project, BESG, UDF, Hans Schirmacher, ‘Architects Against Apartheid’, Natal School lost RIBA recognition, Steven Reid, 1982 First Year Studio Master and Year Co-ordinator

The Staff of Year 1 of 1982

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Author(s): Dean Jay & Cindy Walters Keywords: Professor Barrie Biermann, Prof Ted Tollman, Dr Walter Peters, Bernie Clarke, Derek Wang, Brian Kearney, Jessie Birss, Dianna Kenton’s, Rodney Harber, Hazel Sherwood, Building Design Group

Cindy Walters

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Location(s): London Keywords: ESTEAM Centre, Somerset College, Somerset West, ‘cum laude’, Foster & Partners, Walter & Cohen Architects, external examiner, guest lecturer, RIBA Awards Group, chair of The Architecture Foundation, Design Council, World Architecture Festival, ‘Women Architect of the Year’, PhD, ‘functionally exceptional’, galleria, human comfort, ‘transformational and aspirational space’, Giovanni Bonfanti

Michál Cohen

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Location(s): London Keywords: ESTEAM Centre, Somerset College, Somerset West, University of Westminster, external examiner, guest lecturer, Walters & Cohen Architects, KZNSA Gallery, ‘Woman Architect of the Year’, Honorary Professor, University of Nottingham, Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, Design South-East, Design Council, London Legacy Development Corporation, ‘functionally exceptional’, galleria, human comfort, ‘transformational and aspirational space’, Giovanni Bonfanti

Ruben Reddy

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Location(s): Durban Keywords: Bolshoy Ice Dome, Sochi, Russia, 2014, ‘Ørts Hansen and Reddy Architectural Graduates’, ‘Ruben Reddy Architects’, activism, International Convention Centre, 2004 Cape Town Olympic Bid, 2010 World Cup Local Organising Committee, ‘FIFA Football Stadiums: Technical Recommendations and Requirements’, SAIA Award of Merit, Expert Panel of the International Association of Sports and Leisure Facilities, conferences, SAIA-President, Silver Award, International Association of Sports and Leisure Facilities, Botta Management, Imperial Russian Coronation Egg, centripetal move, SIC Mostovic

Rita Makanjee

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Location(s): London Keywords: Sally Adams, John Miller + Partners, Greenhill Jenner Architects, sole practitioner

Amanda West née Smith

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Location(s): Graubünden canton, Switzerland Keywords: Rotary scholarship, Urban Planning, A&M, Swaziland, Allan Marais Associates, KMH, paint brushes, canvas

Stuart Walker

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Location(s): Denver, Colorado, USA Keywords: SA Air Force, Chilean Air Force, pilot exchange programme, United Nations, World Food Programme, Luanda, Save the Children, SAA, Cathay Pacific

Kate Otten

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Location(s): Johannesburg Keywords: WITS University Rural Campus, Limpopo, Muhammad Mayat Architects, Hassan Fathy, Pancho Guedes, Kate Otten Architects, Awards, ‘place’, President of SAIA, 2018 Medal of Excellence, Union of International Architects, 2019 Award of Excellence, African Union of Architects, 2013 Award for Architecture, SAIA-Limpopo, Rural Knowledge Hub, environmental management plan

Janina Masojada

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Location(s): Durban Keywords: HOUSE MASOJADA + ROBERTSON, m.arch mit usa, omm designworkshop, Erik Ørts-Hansen, Andrew Makin, Paul Wijgers, dws, spatial research, spatial evolution, Rodney Harber, Derek Wang, local context

Colin Sweby

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Location(s): London Keywords: FARRINGDON STATION, Geoffrey Le Sueur Scholarship, Carter Brown & Baillon, Tom Wright, WS Atkins, SNC Lavalin, major infrastructure, Crossrail project, platforms

Dean Jay

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Location(s): Durban Keywords: HOMESTEAD LODGE, Nambiti Game Reserve, South-West Africa, Eenhana, Stafford Associate Architects, Fox Taylor Architects, mountain climbing, homage, iconography

Ingrid Spelman née Kirk

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Location(s): Dunsborough, Western Australia Keywords: MELOS STUDIOS, Dunsborough, Brian O’Halloran & Associates, Master of Urban and Building Conservation, University College Dublin, St George’s Op Shop, Family Centre, urban vibe, streetscape, spaciousness, escape

Erik Ørts-Hansen

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Location(s): London Keywords: Warwick Avenue Bridge, Constitutional Court, Cape Town Stadium, Ruben Reddy, Andrew Makin, Janina Masojada, ‘Agricultural’ Buildings

Kika Magalhães

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Location(s): Cape Town Keywords: JUBILEE COMMUNITY CENTRE, Observatory, CAPETOWN, MacCaffery Wilkinson & Little, Michael Douglas Designs, Bruce Stafford Associate Architects, MRA Architects, Brett Robinson, community church, natural light, spaciousness, connectedness