Churches and Places of Worship


2004 Sophia Gray Memorial Lecture

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Architect(s): Paul Mikula, Peter Malefane, Dennis Claude Location(s): Briardale, Gamalakhe, Abalindi Keywords: Building Design Group, Urban Foundation, My Great Big Box Called Architecture, BAT Centre, Eshowe Museum

SAIA President 2004-2006: Patricia Emmett

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Architect(s): Patricia Emmett, Hallen Theron & Partners, Interarc, Frank Emmett, Emmett: Emmett Architects Keywords: University of Natal, Heritage Committee, Quadrant House, president of KZ-NIA

SAIA Award for Excellence

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Architect(s): East Coast Architects Location(s): Africa Centre, Somkhele, Durban

SAIA Medal of Distinction

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Architect(s): Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: University of Natal, KZ-NIA Journal, Journal of the South African Institute of Architects

University of KwaZulu-Natal School of Architecture Corobrik Regional Student of 2004

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Location(s): Denis Shepstone Building Keywords: Alexandra van der Stoep

SAIA Convention

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Architect(s): Paul Mikula, Patricia Emmett, East Coast Architects, Bannie Britz, Alan Lipman Location(s): Bloemfontein Keywords: Sophia Gray laureate, SAIA president, African Centre at Somkhele


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Architect(s): Peter Malefane, Pedro Buccellato Keywords: Jean-Christophe Laederach, Natal School of Architecture, Group Areas Act, Monument to Black Slavery in Dakar, Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects

Churches and Places for Worship

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Architect(s): Stafford Associate Architects, PSA Architects, Robert Brusse, Paul Mikula, Ian Bell Author(s): Peter Schwerzel Keywords: contemporary church architecture, Glenridge Church International, Congregational Church in Musgrave Road, Grace Family Church, University of Natal

Submission – Grace Family Church

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Architect(s): PSA Architects Author(s): Peter Schwerzel Location(s): Umhlanga

Submission – Grace Family Church

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Architect(s): Michael Tod Architects Author(s): Mike Tod Location(s): Umhlanga

Submission – Grace Family Church

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Architect(s): Elphick Proome Architects Inc. Author(s): George Elphick Location(s): Umhlanga

Submission – Grace Family Church

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Architect(s): Paton Taylor Author(s): Ian Bell Location(s): Umhlanga

Additions to Victory Faith Centre

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Architect(s): Neil Murray, Myles Pugh Sherlock & Murray Architects Author(s): Neil Murray Location(s): Ashley, Pinetown

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

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Architect(s): Williams Associate Architects, Durban Author(s): Bill Williams Location(s): Cape Town Keywords: South African Heritage Resources Agency

Berea Congregational Church

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Architect(s): Architects Collaborative CC., Paul Mikula, Bonga Ntuli, William Street-Wilson, Percy M Barr, Wallace Paton Author(s): Paul Mikula, Walter Peters Location(s): Musgrave Road, Durban Keywords: Musgrave Congregational Church, BAT Centre, historical windows, Kinmont Canyon, Berea Congregational church

Hillside Church

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Architect(s): Protekon Architects Author(s): Patrick Smith Location(s): Inanda Road, Hillcrest

Immanual New Covenant Church

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Architect(s): PSA Architects Author(s): Peter Schwerzel Location(s): Somerset Park, Umhlanga Keywords: Morelands

An environment for Catholic Worship – Three projects

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Architect(s): Robert Brusse Architect Author(s): Robert J W Brusse Location(s): The Capuchin Convent Chapel, Melville, The Italian Prisoner-of-war Church, Pietermaritzburg, The Chapel at the Abbot Francis House of Formation, Merrivale, Mariannhill Keywords: parish, uKhamba, War Memorial, chapel for scholastics, Mariannhill Missionaries

St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

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Architect(s): Basil Vogas Architects Author(s): Basil Vogas Location(s): Hunters Way, Umgeni Park Keywords: Design Dissertation, University of Natal, Greek Orthodox, Greek community

Sophia Gray churches in KwaZulu-Natal

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Architect(s): Sophia Gray, Paul Kotze, Paul Mikula Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Location(s): KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, Umzinto Keywords: gothic, diocesan architect, Church of England, Benjamin Pine, Bishop’s See

A Travel Diary- The Maronites of Lebanon

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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Location(s): Lebanon Keywords: St. Maron, Islam, Roman Catholicism, Maronites, Muslims and Christians