Durban’s Millennium Tower


Welcome to the Romanised Durban of the 21st Century

Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Location(s): Durban Keywords: Pantheon, Durban Christian Centre, Millennium Tower
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KZ-NIA Honours

Location(s): NSA Gallery Keywords: John Frost, Brian Johnson, Rodney Harber, Sylvia Grobler
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Some Comments on the Competition

Author(s): Brian Kearney Location(s): Durban Keywords: Port of Durban, Bluff, Timeball
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The Winners: # 74 Design Placed First

Architect(s): Alex Pienaar, soundspacedesign CC Author(s): Alex Pienaar, Don Albert Keywords: Durban, Millennium Tower
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Port of Durban: Millennium Tower Competition

Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Location(s): Durban Keywords: Dave Stromberg, Natal Command Military base, Bluff
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# 58 Design Placed Second

Architect(s): Fridjhon Fulford & Partners Author(s): Trevor Blanchard Keywords: Portnet
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#31 Design Placed Third

Architect(s): Myles Pugh Sherlock Murray Architects Author(s): Neil Murray Location(s): Durban Keywords: Zulu shield
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The Emerging Influence of Digital Tools on Design

Author(s): Michael Mullins Location(s): Durban Keywords: Christopher Alexander, CAD, Mahalingam, form.Z
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Geoffrey le Sueur Scholarship

Keywords: Brandon Robertson
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Graduation 2000

Location(s): Durban City Hall Keywords: Ora Joubert, Kelle-Jayne Aspinall, Michael Mullins
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1999 Corobrik Regional Student of the Year

Keywords: Maria Nomico, Brandon Robertson, Tejal Manjee
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1999 Durban Conservation Awards

Architect(s): Emmett:Emmett Architects, Clark & Thomas, Protekon Architects Keywords: Bellevue, 159 Cowey Road
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The 20th Century’s 10 Best Buildings in KZ-N

Architect(s): Stauch Vorster, Hallen Custers Smith, Johnson Murray Architects, Walters & Cohen, Ferreira da Silva & Smith, Hallen Theron & Partners, Kammeyer, Rozendal & Carter-Brown, MS Zakrzewski & Partners with J Warunkiewicz, Norman Eaton, Crofton & Benjamin, Barrie Biermann, McCaffery Wilkinson & Little Location(s): Durban Keywords: International Convention Centre, NSA Gallery
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Author(s): Wossen Ashebir, D R Houghton, Issy Benjamin, Paul Kotze, Bryan Lee, Don Albert, Dennis Radford Keywords: Herwitz, Africanisation
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Architect(s): Henrik Förs, Thomas Leach, Michael Zakrzewski Keywords: Rhodes, Sasolburg, eco-systems
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A Travel Diary: A Visit to Irme Makovecz’s Catholic University at Piliscaba, Hungary

Author(s): Anthony Jarvis Location(s): Hungary Keywords: Budapest, Ferenc Callmeyer, Richard Shephard & Partners
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Stop Press: Walters & Cohen – Competition Success

Architect(s): Walters & Cohen Keywords: Yehudi Menuhin School