Glories of Brick

Articles: Glories of Brick
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Author(s) Rodney Harber, Guest Editor Keywords: Patron of Architecture Award, Danie Theron, apartments for Mr Mbotho in Clermont
Milestones in Masonry
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Author(s) Harry May, Hugo Hinsley Location(s) Pietermaritzburg City Hall, U.K. Keywords: Pietermaritzburg City Hall, William Street-Wilson, Low-income Housing: Brick, the UK Experience
‘Not just a pretty face’
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Architect(s): Short Ford & Associates Author(s) George Henderson Keywords: Queen’s Building, De Montfort University, UK, bricks, flemish bond brickwork
The Bricks of Mariannhill
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Author(s) Michael J Lewis Location(s) Mariannhill Keywords: brick details, Mariannhill, Trappist Monks, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, expressive possibilities of brick
Brick restoration and replication
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Architect(s): Interplan Architects Keywords: Alexandra Road Police Station, Albert Henry Hime, Department of Public Works
Earth building – From Cape to Cairo and further
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Author(s) Petria Jooste Smit Location(s) Cape, Cairo, France Keywords: Earth building, Cob or adobe, Pise de terre, Extruded Earth, Wattle and daub, Compressed Earth Blocks
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Architect(s): Gordon Small Author(s) Peter Melvin, Hertfordshire, U.K. Keywords: Peter Melvin, apartheid, old Court House, Tatham Gallery
Durban Central Transitional Substructure Council: 1996 Conservation Award
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Location(s) Jubilee Hall Keywords: Durban, Council, 1996 Conservation Awards, Jubilee Hall
Corobrik Student of the Year
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Keywords: Corobrik Student of the Year, Elana Pascola, Dame Jane Drew, Errol Rutherford