Industrial Architecture


Victoria West: A Conservation Study

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Keywords: Natal School of Architecture, Afrikaner dorp, Karoo towns, veranda, respect for local architecture

Professional News

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De Bult: Conserving the Karoo Vernacular in Carnarvon

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Keywords: Natal School of Architecture, Karoohuises, economically deprived, upgrading, community facilities

Industrial Architecture

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Architect(s): Chick, Bartholomew & Poole, Ing & Jackson, Brian Johnson Architects, Gourlay Moore Harris Fels, Geraghty Little and McCaffery, McCaffery Wilkinson and Little Author(s): Peter McCaffery Location(s): Springfield Park, Mzamba Village Market Keywords: engineers, turnkey, political change, The Lion Match Factory, The Commercial Chemicals factory

Springfield Industrial Park: Recent Work of Johnson Murray Architects

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Author(s): Andrew Murray Keywords: Hydraline, Time Printers, John Whitfield, Beechfield Crescent, Bertons’ Manufacturing

A Dictionary of the Decorated Shed

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Architect(s): Elphick Proome Architects, Johnson Murray Architects Author(s): George Elphick Location(s): Springfield Park Keywords: post-modernism, portal frame, image-conscious industrialist, programmatic, painterly

Another Perspective on Industrial Architecture

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Author(s): Rodney Harber Location(s): Umngeni River, Tongaat, Greyville, Budapest Keywords: workplace, Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC), plastic drums, rural areas, kiosks

Inanda Mini-factories

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Architect(s): Zietsman Neal Location(s): Ndaleni Keywords: concrete block modules, KwaZulu Finance and Investment Corporation (KFC), entrepreneurs

Mzamba Village Market

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Architect(s): CHT Architects Keywords: Transkei Small Industries Development Organisation, craft development, casino, accommodation, trainees

Umlazi Industrial Park

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Architect(s): Interarc, Richard Dobson Keywords: pavilions, maximum flexibility

Cannongate Informal Traders’ Shelters

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Architect(s): Pieter Gertenbach Location(s): Warwick Avenue, Canongate Road Keywords: shelters, elevated freeway, vaulted roof, refuse, containers


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Architect(s): Douglas Roberts Peter Loebenberg Architects cc Location(s): Springfield Keywords: highly visible, traffic, market share, decorated shed, public face

Professional News/Awards

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Architect(s): Small Pettit and Associates, Elphick Proome, Kiran Lalloo, FGG Architects, Interplan, Ismail Cassimjee, Tony Keyte, Paton Taylor Associates Inc, Walter Peters, Derek van Heerden, Andre Ogilvie, Ing Jackson de Ravel and Hartley, Ron Kirby, Ora Joubert Keywords: ISAA Award of Merit and Conservation Awards, Corobrik Awards, Durban City Council 1991 Conservation Awards, NIA Regional Committee 1992/93

Letter to the Editor

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Architect(s): Barrie Biermann, Derek Crofton Author(s): Issy Benjamin Keywords: Isipingo Beach, NIA Journal