Members Abroad- Australia


Members Abroad- Australia

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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters

KZ-NIA Vice-President

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Corobrik Student of the Year 2008

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UKZN School of Architecture

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Book Review: “Mali Moments and Other Ramblings”

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Author(s): Dennis Claude

Hans Hallen

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Author(s): Hans Hallen Location(s): Sydney

Jeremy Deale

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Author(s): Jeremy Deale Location(s): Sydney

Bruce Stafford

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Author(s): Bruce Stafford Location(s): Sydney

Guy Lake

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Author(s): Guy Lake Location(s): Sydney

Martin Hallen

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Author(s): Martin Hallen Location(s): Sydney

Ian Poole

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Author(s): Ian Poole Location(s): Sydney

John Frost

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Author(s): John Frost Location(s): Perth

Andrew Murray

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Author(s): Andrew Murray Location(s): Melbourne

Brisbane and the Gold Coast

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Author(s): Paul Sanders Location(s): Brisbane

Lindy Osborne

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Author(s): Lindy Osborne Location(s): Brisbane

Paul Sanders

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Author(s): Paul Sanders Location(s): Brisbane

Marco Ramaccio Calvino

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Author(s): Marco Ramaccio Calvino Location(s): Brisbane

Gavin Adams

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Author(s): Gavin Adams Location(s): Brisbane

Fred Viljoen

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Author(s): Fred Viljoen Location(s): Brisbane

Glenda Strong

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Author(s): Glenda Strong Location(s): Brisbane

Peter Wilkinson

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Author(s): Peter Wilkinson Location(s): Gold Coast

Emerging Practices: Architects a Decade into Independent Practice

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Architect(s): Gina Walker Author(s): Gina Walker Location(s): Sphere Studio, Morningside

A Travel Diary

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Author(s): Kevin Lloyd Location(s): Himalayas