Other Paradigms


Architectural Education

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Keywords: Arthur Kingsland, Problem-based Learning

Le Sueur Scholarship

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Keywords: Harriet Walker

Constitutional Court Competition

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Keywords: OMM Design Workshop, Urban Solutions, Eric Orts-Hansen, Janina Masojada, Andrew Makin, Paul Wygers

Archafrica Congress

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Location(s) International Convention Centre, Durban Keywords: Africa Union of Architects, Ken Yeang, Enric Miralles, Mick Pearce

Panasonic Student Competition

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Keywords: Greg Townsend

Other Paradigms

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Author(s) Rodney Roy Harber Keywords: Walter Peters, AIDS, Awards of Merit

Disestablishment of the Faculty of Architecture

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Location(s) University of Natal Keywords: Dennis Radford, Department of Architecture

1998 Murray & Roberts Des Baker Competition

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Location(s) University of Natal

Nothing Wrong with Scrap: Recycled Materials in Contemporary Architecture

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Author(s) Sabine Marschall Keywords: recycling, BAT Centre, Barrie Biermann, Rodney Harber

Motala Heights: An Expression of Wood and Iron

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Author(s) Kellee Aspinall Location(s) Northern Pinetown Keywords: University of Natal

Creating a Learning Culture: Preparing our Graduates to Work with Diversity and Complexity

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Author(s) Megan Seneque Keywords: Problem-Based Learning, Donald Schon, Barrie Biermann Architecture Library

Justice for Justice?

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Author(s) Nina Saunders Keywords: Justice Makha, American Flat, fantastical building

A Travel Diary

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Author(s) Leon Krige Location(s) Havana Keywords: Cuba, Havana