Rebuilding Cato Manor


Sources of Inspiration

Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: Cato Manor, Cato Manor Development Association, CMDA
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Cato Manor Estate No. 812

Author(s): Nancy Odendaal, Prof. Walter Peters Location(s): Durban Keywords: George Christopher Cato, Manor House, Indian landowners, Umkhumbane squatter settlement
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Planning and Implementation

Author(s): Nancy Odendaal Keywords: Greater Cato Manor Development Forum, CMDA, Greater Cato Manor Structure Plan, Apartheid spatial policy
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Public Buildings

Author(s): Martin Kaplan Location(s): Cato Manor Keywords: A Responsive Social Infrastructure, Cato Manor Development Association, Martin Kaplan
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Wiggins-Umkhumbane Multi-Purpose Centre

Architect(s): Matic & Van Zyl, André Duvenage, Sally Adams, Urban Edge Architects Location(s): Dunbar Road, Wiggins-Umkhumbane Keywords: Wiggins-Umkhumbane Multi-purpose Centre
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Dorothy Nyembe Multi-Purpose Centre

Architect(s): East Coast Architects, Sarkin & Jain Location(s): Trimborne Road, Cato Crest Keywords: Dorothy Nyembe Multi-Purpose Centre, Cato Crest, Phambili Primary School
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Bellair Centre

Architect(s): Harber & Associates Author(s): Nina Saunders Location(s): Bellair Keywords: Bellair Centre, taxi ranks, spaza shacks, Nina Saunders, Harber Associates
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Bellair Market

Architect(s): Markewicz English, Urban Designers, Architects & Planners Author(s): Angela Baker, Markewicz English Location(s): Bellair Keywords: Bellair Market, Umkhumbane River, spaza, Angela Baker, Markewicz English
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Architect(s): Design Workshop Author(s): Janina Masojada Location(s): Cato Manor Keywords: Pre-Schools, Janina Masojada, Design Workshop
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The Housing Challenge

Author(s): Heather Maxwell Location(s): Cato Manor Keywords: Incremental Housing, Wiggins Fast-Track Project, Upgrading Projects, Credit-linked Projects, Social or Institutional Housing
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Housing: Shayamoya

Author(s): Laura Hunt Location(s): Wiggins precinct, Cato Manor Keywords: Pilot Project, Wiggins, Nelson Mandela, Build Environment Support group, University of Natal
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An Outsider’s Impression

Author(s): Alan Lipman Keywords: Cato Manor Development Association, Shayamoya, Bellair road, Cato Crest, Alan Lipman
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2001/2002 KZ-NIA Regional Committee

Location(s): KZ-NIA House Keywords: 2001/2002 KZ-NIA Regional Committee, Ora Joubert, Tricia Emmett, Gaf Gafoor
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RAIC Gold Medal

Keywords: Jack Diamond
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Heroes Monument Competition

Keywords: Heroes Monument Competition, Architects Collaborative CC
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University of Natal: School of Architecture, Planning & Housing

Keywords: University of Natal, Centre for Housing Development & Research, O’Brien-Brown Memorial Trust Fund, Brian Berntein Memorial Scholarship
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2000 Durban Conservation Awards of the North Central and South Central Local Councils

Location(s): Albert Luthuli (Jubilee) Hall Keywords: 2000 Durban, Inanda Seminary, Embury College, General Post Office
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Cato Manor: Heritage Sites

Author(s): Nancy Odendaal, Prof Walter Peters Keywords: Hindu temples, Angalaman temple, Cato Manor Hindu Temple, Shree Gengaimman, Second River Temple