Social Architecture – The New Context for Design


The New Context for Design

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Author(s) Laren Beni, Sean Callaghan Keywords: Intersite, Public Involvement Programmes, BEE

Corobrik Regional Student of the Year

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Keywords: Barbara Beier, Andrew Nimmo, James Walters

From Social Engineering to Social Architecture

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Author(s) Dave Stromberg, Protekon Architects Location(s) KwaMashu, Durban, Umlazi Keywords: apartheid, railways, South African Transport Services

Intermodal Transfer Facilities

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Author(s) Laren Beni Location(s) KwaMashu Keywords: apartheid, KwaMashu Station

The KwaZulu-Natal Station Upgrade Project

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Architect(s): John Royal Architects cc, Architects Collaborative Author(s) John Royal Location(s) KwaMashu, Thembalihle, KwaMnyandu, Umlazi Keywords: Reconstruction and Development Programme, Metrorail, Intersite

Return of the Urban Poor Man – Mansel Road Bus Facility

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Architect(s): Harber Associates Author(s) Rodney Harber Keywords: apartheid, drum-ladies, SARCC

Formalising Nodes of Commercial Activity

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Author(s) Laren Beni, Saeed Jhatham Location(s) KwaMashu, Thembalihle, Berea Road, Merebank Keywords: KwaZulu-Natal Station Upgrade Project, station

A Travel Diary

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Author(s) Angela Baker Location(s) Ethiopia Keywords: Lalibela, Great Rift Valley, Bet Giorgis