Kelly Rd & Mr385 Road, Hammarsdale – Sterkspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Situated in an newly industrial town far from the city centre, this market sprang up at the central taxi ranks where workers would congregate to commute home after work. The makeshift stalls of old crates and plastic were especially active on Friday, the day on which workers get paid. Using local labourers, whose skills were enhanced as part of the process, the space was covered by a large roof with concrete stalls below, arranged along orderly circulation routes. Saligna poles were used to form the structure and screens, with sides opening directly onto the street in order to capture passing trade. The access routes to the surrounding taxis are lined with covered stalls, thus maximising trading exposure. While some poultry is sold, the products for sale consist mainly of piles of locally grown and very reasonably priced vegetables. On Friday afternoons, piles of ‘walkie talkies’ – chicken heads and feet from the nearby abattoir – are available. This market illustrates the importance of the use of local, unskilled labour in construction, as well as the use of local, rural materials, and the significance of access to convenient, nutritious food for workers to take home to their families in the rural areas.
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