Howard College Gate 1, Mazisi Kunene Road, University, Berea, South Africa
The building is known by  its majestic rotunda, now a familiar landmark and a visual point of reference dominating the Durban skyline. The design is overtly Classical but has Art Deco detailing as seen in the front boundary wall. It is well tuned to Durban’s climate with sliding window shutters and pleasant courtyards. Built 1929-1931 in memory of Howard Davis, who died in the Battle for the Somme in the First World War, Howard College was opened on 1 August 1931 by Lord Clarendon, who was Governor-General at the time, on behalf of King George V. In 1999 to attend to the damage resulting of 70 years of heavy foot traffic by both students and tour groups, a refurbishment project was initiated at the end of which the Howard College Building regained the sparkle of its former glory. An extensive research project was launched into the most appropriate colours and materials for the repainting of the rotunda walls as well as the replacement of its intricately-designed, original Marmoleum floor.
Architect(s): W. Hirst
Year: 1929 -1931
Art Deco
23 UKZN - Howard College - 1

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