1985 NPIA Nominations and Awards of Merit


Awards of Merit Presentation Ceremony Held in the Jubilee Hall on Friday, 8 November 1985

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Architect(s): Barrie Biermann, Maurice Dibb, Hirsh Fish, Andre Duvenage, Michael Green, Don Smith , Rodwell King, Bridget Morrison, Sandy Morrison, Bob Powers, Derek Sherlock, Hans Hallen, Mike Oldfield, Andrew Murray, Brian Johnson, John Frost, Martin Buss, Peter McCaffery, Robin Geraghty, Rod Phillips , Ian Little, Elizabeth MacLead, Maurice Dibb, Sylvia Grobler, Prof Don Dyke-Wells, Carol Sherlock, Andrew Ogilvie, Gordon Small, Ferreira da Silva and Smith, Hallen Theron and Partners, Pancho Guedes, Les Williams, Geraghty, Little and McCaffery, Don Smith Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters, Maurice Dibb, Barrie Biermann, Michael Green Keywords: New Buildings and Recycled Projects, CPIA, TPIA, layman

Old Mutual Centre

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Architect(s): Interarc Architects Author(s) Roland Muller Location(s) Prospecton Keywords: Industrial Centre

Golden Hours Training Centre

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Architect(s): Hallen, Theron & Partners Inc Author(s) Andre Duvenage Location(s) Durban North Keywords: Mentally Handicapped Children

Musgrave Medical Centre

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Architect(s): Don Smith Architects Location(s) Berea Keywords: residential hotel, remodel, renovate, Osborne Hotel

Salisbury Centre

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Architect(s): Geraghty Little & McCaffery Associated Architects Location(s) Durban, Smith Street, West Street Keywords: shopping arcades, Neo-Classical style

Arcadia Park Office

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Author(s) Johnson Murray Architects Location(s) Overport

Nomination: AC Braby (Pty) Ltd Head Office & Factory

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Architect(s): Maurice Dibb & Associates Location(s) Pinetown

Nomination: Old Mutual Industrial Park

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Architect(s): Interarc Architects Location(s) New Germany Keywords: warehouse buildings, industrial park

Nomination: Wattle Industry Centre

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon Location(s) Pietermaritzburg Keywords: new offices, laboratory facilities

Nomination: Pfizer Personnel Building

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon Location(s) Pietermaritzburg Keywords: personnel building

Nomination: C. & J. Clark Personnel Facility

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon Location(s) Pietermaritzburg

Nomination: Hendersons Heavy Duty Vehicle Centre

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Architect(s): Carter-Brown & Baillon

Nomination: House Modi

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Architect(s): Ferreira Da Silva and Stafford Location(s) Westville Keywords: single-family dwelling

Mallorca Flats

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Architect(s): Ferreira Da Silva and Stafford Location(s) Umdloti Keywords: duplex units

Nomination: House Engelbrecht

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Architect(s): Ferreira Da Silva and Stafford Location(s) Umdloti

Nomination: House Singh

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Architect(s): Hallen Theron & Partners Location(s) Westville

Nomination: House Burness

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Architect(s): Ing Jackson De Ravel & Hartley Location(s) Umgeni Heights

Nomination: San Lameer

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Architect(s): E.I. Graff Kruger & Associates Location(s) South Coast

Nomination: Architects Offices Recycled Offices

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Architect(s): Maurice Dibb & Associates Location(s) Durban Keywords: conversion

Nomination: Barclays Bank

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Architect(s): Myles Pugh Sherlock Seirlis Jarvis Location(s) Pinetown

Nomination: The Marine

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Architect(s): Stauch Vorster Location(s) Durban, Gardiner Street Keywords: Royal Hotel, Victoria Embankment, use factor

Nomination: M. L. Sultan Technikon Library

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Architect(s): Seitter-Boyd Architects Location(s) Durban

Nomination: Lecture Theatres, University of Durban-Westville

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Architect(s): Ing Jackson De Ravel & Hartley Keywords: Communications Media Centre

Nomination: Sandpumping Stations

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Architect(s): Architects Dept. City of Durban Location(s) North & South Beaches

Nomination: Church

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Architect(s): Seitter-Boyd Architects Author(s) Dennis Boyd Location(s) Lamontville Keywords: African grass hut

Nomination: KwaZulu Legislative Assembly

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Architect(s): Moolman, Van Der Walt, Vlok & Van Der Westhuizen Location(s) Ulundi, Melmoth, Nongoma Keywords: parliament, M’Panda’s grave


Page 12 Architect(s): Mike Taylor, Gordon Small, Hans Hallen, Monica Gobel Keywords: members honoured, scroll

Practice Notices

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Architect(s): Mikula and Johnson Architects, R Johnson, B Jenkins, Johnson Jenkins, Paul Mikula Associates, Bonieux, Rougier and Croxon, Rougier, Croxon and Swiatek, P Jansen van Rensburg, H J Nel Architects, H A Thomson, Garth Daneel, Margo and Margo, H N F Rodda, J H Hesketh, G A Campbell, W M Kerr, S B Neal, P N Culligan, R G Curtis, G Elphick, Johnson Murray, W Long, C A H Kadwa, P V Holdcroft, Zarzewski Associates, R A Gerhardt, P J Henry , A F Williams, D O Gray, G D J Wessels, T N van der Walt, E V Hulse

Product News

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Architect(s): H J Nel, Dave Gillies, Joubert, Owens, van Niekerk and Partners Keywords: Corobrik, Master Builders’ Association