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Of Carcases, Cladding and Crowns

Of Carcases, Cladding and Crowns

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Architect(s): Murphy/Jahn, Chicago, Stauch Vorster, Myles Pugh Sherlock Jarvis, Philip Johnson, Paul Scheerbart, Helmut Jahn, Mies van der Rohe Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Location(s) 88 Field Street, Pinetown, Pine Street, Durban Keywords: AT & T crown, Gothic Cathedral, Convention Hall in Chicago, Burlington Arcade, photogenic building

88 Field Street Durban

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Architect(s): Murphy/Jahn, Stauch Vorster, Helmut Jahn, Derrick Garvie, Cedric Richards Author(s) Cedric Richards Location(s) 362 West Street, 11 Diagonal Street Keywords: Anglo American Properties, 3-dimensional techniques, telefax machines, concrete core, acquired expertise

Umdoni Centre

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Architect(s): Myles Pugh Sherlock Jarvis Location(s) Pinetown Keywords: shopping accommodation, internal climate control, aluminium louvres, lettable office floors, Alucobond

Barclays Bank

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Architect(s): Myles Pugh Sherlock Jarvis Location(s) Pinetown Keywords: structural grid, External Envelope, Pinetown Library, solar-shield silver blue glass, Airconditioning

NPIA Journal Celebration ’76-’86

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Architect(s): Maurice Dibb, Keith Nucombe, Danie Theron, Walter Peters, Monica Gobel, Hans Hallen, Patrick Lewis, Brian Johnson, Ray Andrews, Jessie Birss Location(s) Port Elizabeth Keywords: Editor, Corobrik, International Series Data System, SAPOA, Carry on regardless


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Architect(s): Johnson Murray Architects, MLH and Hamlin, Douw van Zyl, Dr W.H. Peters, Finlay R Heunis, Robert D Henderson, Richardson and Morris, Paton Taylor Associates Inc Location(s) nTusuma Keywords: Architectural Competitions, The Perm Architecture Design Challenge 1986, affordable homes for black families, fourth year students, NBS House and Garden

Practice Changes

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Architect(s): C Savage, Paul Mikula Associates, N P Murray, Neil Murray Architect, Peter Cox, Ian Bell, SKM Architects, Cox Bell Associates, N H Brown, N Du Preez, Norman H Brown & Du Preez, R Wegerie, Alwyn J Lubbe and Associates, Roy Wegerle Architect, R G Stead, F C Smith, J G M Dreyer, Stead, Smith & Dreyer Architects, Daniel & Associates, Stauch Vorster, Brian Andrew Robb, Joubert Owens Van Niekerk & Partners, Anne Swift Architect, J W Wilkins Architect, H F Viljoen, Fred Viljoen Architect, Rougier Croxon & Swiatek, Margo & Margo, Margo Daneel and Cato, B C Wotherspoon, K J Lloyd, H Fors, V D Mathews, R A Fullon, P C Bakker, C J Cross, K Anderson, M Isaacs, F D Spencer, J A Smillie, P H A Custers, H B Iwicka , M Hallen, C D De Jager, F R Heunis, G K De Kock, J D Ferendinos, J P Owen, R A W Lavine, H Jhatam, G R Robinson, R Maharaj, A N Pratt, Lone Poulsen, B Bell, J S Brejowski & Gessler, Dos Anjos Santos, S Price, M Hackner, D D Martin, A L Barnard, Y Patel, J H Hesketh, J A K Hope, R G Fulford, R C Clark, Joubert Owens Van Niekerk & Partners, Winston Long Architect, S B Neal, I F Hattingh, J J M Van Zyl, L T Croft, P T Fourie, I Park Ross, V H Polfreman, P R Ries, G A Treloar, H V Marinier, D A Yeo, R B Palmer, C E Harris, G A Campbell, W O Servant, J D P Meirelles

Obituary Don Smith 1935-1986

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Author(s) Hans Hallen Keywords: Councillor, Durban City Council, Beach and City Steering Committee, City’s Environmental Committee

Product News

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Keywords: Fastwall, Natalia Quarry Tiles, Natal Playhouse, Colosseum, Alhambra Playhouse


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Architect(s): Architects Collaborative cc, Building Design Group Architects, Yusuf Patel Architect, Seedat Architect, Muhammed Mayet Architects, M J Boule Author(s) B H Lee