Architects’ Offices


Johnson Murray Architects New Offices

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Author(s): Brian Johnson, Andy Murray Keywords: Office Park


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Architect(s): Maurice Dibb and Associates, Geraghty-Little-McCaffery, H.J Nel, Johnson Murray, Wynand Claassen & Smuts-Erasmus, McLaren Alcock Bedford + Partners, S.N. Tomkin Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Keywords: GIlbert Herbert

Practice Changes

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Architect(s): Bartholomew, A D Bell, A W Jackson, A V Jarvis, Oglivie, P G McCaffery, S N Tomkin, L R Pietersen, M A Jackson, L R Williams, F J Beeslaar, D E J Watkins, J T Hoal, D M Hall, N D Hayes-Hill, M Dibb, B J Becker, J A Cameron, P G Peck, P F Pretorius, M J Schroder, Powers Powers & Partners, Brian Walters, G T Jacques, Professor L T Croft

McClaren Alcock Bedford & Partners New Offices

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Author(s): Keith Alcock Location(s): Berea

Geraghty – Little – McCaffery Refurbished Offices

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Author(s): Ian Little Keywords: Art Centre

Wynand Claassen & Smuts-Erasmus Refurbished Offices

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Author(s): Wynand Claassen Location(s): Albany Grove Keywords: Art Centre, open plan

Maurice Dibb & Associates Recycled Offices

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Author(s): Maurice Dibb Location(s): Davenport Road Keywords: decentralised, development

H.J. Nel New Office

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Author(s): Hennie Nel Location(s): Durban Keywords: periphery of Durban’s CBD, courtyard, Umbilo Road


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Architect(s): Hallen Theron, Paul Mikula, Geraghty-Little-McCaffery, Wynand Claasen, Smuts-Erasmus, Maurice Dibb, Johnson Murray Author(s): Bannie Britz Keywords: creative environments, BDG


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Author(s): Jack Barnett, H. Lundie Location(s): Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town Keywords: listing buildings, Alec Duigan, bulk transfer, Journal