Buildings on the Edge


On the Edge

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Architect(s): Hallen & Dibb Author(s) John Frost Location(s) Durban Keywords: Corporate CBD Architecture, head office, waterfront, Beachfront, Victoria Embankment


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Architect(s): Bruce Torr Author(s) Tom Leach Keywords: University of Natal, architectural heritage, St Dominic’s Pavilion, Newcastle Streetscape, Cartoonist

136 Victoria Embankment

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Architect(s): Interarc Author(s) Peter Schwerzel Location(s) Victoria Embankment, Durban Keywords: Le Corbusier, Financial Profitability, Nautical Concept, Bay Edge, High-Tech, post-modern, Monument

Victoria Maine

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Architect(s): McCaffery Wilkinson & Little Author(s) Peter McCaffery Location(s) Victoria Embankment, Durban Keywords: Town Planning Restrictions, Granite, Precast Concrete Panels, Post Tensioned Floor Slabs, Durban Bay

Mediterranean Shipping Company

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Architect(s): Stafford Associate Architects Author(s) Michael Legg Location(s) Victoria Embankment, Durban Keywords: Fringe of the CBD, corporate headquarters, Genius Loci, Flying Buttresses, Precast Panels, Reinforced Concrete Frame


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Architect(s): John Frost, Helmut Jahn, Issy Benjamin, Peter McCaffery, Bruce Stafford Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Location(s) Victoria Embankment, Durban, 136 Victoria Embankment Keywords: Waterfront Edge, Point, Frontal Planes, Domestic Buildings, Prow Shaped, Fenestration

Natal School of Architecture

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Architect(s): Errol Haarhoff, Brian Kearney Keywords: Honorary Doctorate of Architecture


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Architect(s): WJ Beall, AE Dainton, EM Powers, GEG Leith, GLP Moerdyk, HW Spicer, RN Jackson, Leonard Stokes Keywords: Public Works Department, Berea Style, Union Style, Local Materials, Vernacular

Professional News

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Corrections – Issue 3/4 1992: NIA 90th Anniversary Architect(s): Paton Taylor and Partners, T Read, WJ Beall Location(s) 303/309 Florida Road, 160 Bulwer Road Keywords: Crown Building, Pre-Stressed Concrete Wall, Natal Institute of Architects