National Monuments Council Natal Region

Articles: Architectural Conservation
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Author(s) Andrew Hall Keywords: National Monuments Council, Cultural Conservation Agencies, Urban Limits, preservation, Heritage
Notes on Legal Provisions
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Keywords: National Monuments Act No 28 of 1969, Planning Authority, Historical Site
City of Durban – Town Planning scheme regulations
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Keywords: Important Buildings and Objects, Special Consent, Registered Owner
Municipal conservation incentives
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Author(s) Machiel Erasmus, Petrus Pretorius Location(s) Pietermaritzburg, Durban Keywords: City Council, Protection of Distinguished Buildings, conservation, Listed Building
NMC Register
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Author(s) Prof. Walter Peters Location(s) Ladysmith Keywords: Historical Society, National Register, Siege Town, Poor Whites, PG Foundation
Rehabilitation for a National Monument
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Architect(s): Hughes Bryan & Birss cc Architects, Messrs Kirby and Stott Author(s) David Hughes Location(s) The Old Hostel, Cedara Keywords: National Monument, Cedara Old Boys Association, Authentic Reconstruction
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Architect(s): Wolfgang Kassier Location(s) Original Mission House at Hermannsburg Keywords: Hermannsburg Mission Society, Old Mission House, Deutsche Schule, Historical Buildings, Restore
Townhouses 117 Brand Road
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Architect(s): Elphick Proome Architects Author(s) George Elphick Keywords: Duplex Townhouse Developments, Listed Building, Victorian, Edwardian Bungalows
Howick Falls Viewing Platform
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Architect(s): FGG Architects Author(s) Jane MacDonald Location(s) Howick Keywords: National Monument, Natural Falls, Southern Hemisphere, Stone
Stabilisation of St Dominic’s Pavilion
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Architect(s): Bruce Torr, Brother Nivard Streicher Location(s) Newcastle, Mariannhill Keywords: Timber Pavilion, Skating Rink, United Party, Dominican Sisters
Officers’ Mess
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Architect(s): Natal Provincial Administration Works Directorate Branch Author(s) Nigel Robson Location(s) Fort Napier Keywords: Natal Provincial Administration, wood and iron, Victorian Structure, Prefabricated, Re-Erected
Howick Clinic
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Architect(s): FGG Architects Author(s) Jane MacDonald Location(s) Howick Keywords: Old Howick House Museum, Multi-Racial, Wing Roofs, architectural heritage
Fort Ivuna & the Battle of Ndunu Hill
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Author(s) LO van Schalkwyk Keywords: Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, DiniZulu kaCetswayo, Battle of Ndunu, Holistic Cultural Conservation
Developers & Local History
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Author(s) James van Vuuren Location(s) Stanger, Shakaville Keywords: Oral History, Black Areas, Zulu King Shaka
The Incorporation of an Historic Site
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Architect(s): Ing Jackson De Ravel & Hartley Author(s) Mike Hartley Keywords: Nongoma Plaza Shopping Centre, Historical Fortress, Pedestrian Mall
Development & our Cultural Heritage: The Saving of our Past
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Author(s) Gavin Whitelaw Keywords: Natal Museum, Inanda Dam, Cultural Resources