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Articles: Another Delivery Model
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Architect(s): Harber Masson & Associates Author(s) Rodney Harber Keywords: Clermont, Harber Masson & Associates
What’s the Difference?
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Architect(s): Liebenberg Masojada Architectural Projects Author(s) Michael Liebenberg , Janina Masojada Keywords: Kwandengezi Cemetery Reception Area, Liebenberg Masojada Architectural Projects, Tree Model Day-Care Centre
Operating in the Rural Environment
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Author(s) George Norval Keywords: Dennis Claude, Bro Walton, George Norval, Maputaland Builders Association
Making Places not Buildings
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Architect(s): Architects Collaborative Author(s) Sally Adams & Joanne Lees Location(s) Umbumbulu Shopping Centre Keywords: Umbumbulu, informal trading, Architects Collaborative, Courtyard Scheme
Amatikwe Village: Meeting Basic Needs
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Architect(s): AMV Project Managers, Architects Collaborative Author(s) Kevin MacGarry, Paul Mikula, Clive Stapley, Lisa Stapley
Bush Architects do it Better in the Water
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Architect(s): Andre Duvenage, Kevin MacGarry, Paul Mikula, Yusuf Patel, Jenny Whitehead, Peter Amm, Lisa Stapley, Paul Dekker, Peter Pentz Author(s) Andre Duvenage, Kevin MacGarry, Paul Mikula, Yusuf Patel Keywords: BAT Centre, Architects Collaborative, Paul Mikula
Development through Reconstruction
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Architect(s): Protekon Architects Author(s) Jeremy Steere, Dave Stromberg Keywords: Transnet, Protekon, Reconstruction and Development Programme
Gumpoles Rooted in the Sticks
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Author(s) Dennis Claude Keywords: Eshowe, Melmoth, Ndundulu, Nkwalini