The South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal

Articles: The South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal
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Author(s) Marlene Heyns – Guest Editor Location(s) Port Shepstone Keywords: Hibberdene beach facilities, community building, South Coast
Hibberdene Beach Facilities
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Architect(s): Theunissen Jankowitz Architects Author(s) Johann Schoeman Location(s) Hibberdene Beach Keywords: Theunissen Jankowitz, Hibberdene
The beaches: Changerooms at North Beach
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Architect(s): Artek 4 Location(s) North Beach, Umkomaas Keywords: Change Facilities, Highly Sensitive Environmental Area
Margate Beach Facilities
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Architect(s): Artek 4 Location(s) Margate Beach Keywords: Beach Facilities
Port Shepstone Civic Centre
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Architect(s): Theunissen Jankowitz Architects Location(s) Port Shepstone Keywords: Theunissen Jankowitz
Margate Art Gallery
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Architect(s): Artek 4 Location(s) Margate Keywords: Artek 4, Art Gallery
Umtentweni Public Library
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Architect(s): McLagan & Plekker Architects Location(s) Umtentweni Keywords: Public Library, Umtentweni, McLagan & Plekker
Resource Centre Adam’s Mission
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Architect(s): Kass & Watkins Keywords: Resource Centre, Adam’s Mission, Kass & Watkins
Folweni Adult Learning Centre
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Architect(s): Vito Coppola Location(s) Umbumbulu Keywords: Vito Coppola
KwaZulu-Natal Institute for Architecture
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Keywords: Sylvia Grobbler
Natal School of Architecture
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Keywords: Walter Peters
Corobrik Student of the Year
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Keywords: Don Albert, An Urban Transport Node
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Architect(s): Gary Kelly Author(s) Joan Seirlis Keywords: Joan Seirlis
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Keywords: BMB Stafford