Computers in Architecture


News & Changes

Keywords: Inaugural Lectures, Geoffrey le Seuer Scholarship, Sub-committees, Basic Programming Course, partnership, Addresses, membership, class, new members, deceased

More time for Design Work

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Author(s): Dr. Wally Peters Keywords: anti-computers, Vitruvius, disinterested, education, real-life experiences, computers sub-committee, AJ, office administration, drawing production aids

From the President

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Author(s): Prof. Ted Tollman Keywords: Danie Theron, maintained contact, four provinces, Dr. Wally Peters, Corobrik, Monica Gobel, Special General Meetings, informal social gatherings

A Microcomputer System

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Author(s): George Elphick, Peter Newman Keywords: printer, plotter, graphics tablet and pointer, central processing unit and monitor, disk drive


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Keywords: computer hardware, central processing unit, CPU, monitor, cathode ray tube, cursor, disk, magnetizable material, mechanism, printer, output device, graphics tablet, digitizer, computer software, instructions, program, tape, word processing, jargon, byte, CAD, input, interface, memory, output, terminal, user-friendly, work station

Experience 1

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Architect(s): Hallen Theron & Partners Inc. Author(s): Paul Custers Keywords: creative spirit, T-square, F lead, computer magazines, level of service, projects documented, drawing issue registers, Mainframe, hard disks, paper tape, mini, K bytes, RAM, office finances, word processing, tablets, certificates, job control, Computer Aided Drawing, Commodore 3040, NEC Spinwriter, Apple, TEC Daisywheel Printer, high resolution, typewriter, manual, specifications, debtors, creditors, general ledger, micro-computer, job costing, timekeeping, Visicalc, labels, values, Cash Flow, Computer-aided-drafting, accuracy, dimensions, speed, unity of idea, details, electrical, drainage, water supply, foundations, finishes, submission, levels, library, furniture schedule, training, productivity, data, Murphy’s Law, backups/standbys, disks, dealers, IBM, Philips, Hewlett Packard, expansion

Experience 2

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Architect(s): Rhodes-Harrison Fee & Bold Author(s): Peter Bold Keywords: management, time control, bureau, in house, project administration, Hewlett-Packard, 56 K byte, CRT screen, daisy wheel, graphic capabilities, writing programs, job costing, salaries, certificate and notifications processing, disbursement accounts, word processing, CAD, cost-effectiveness, terminals, inter-relationship of data, Integrated Database Management System, programs, client body

University/Institute Liaison Committee

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Architect(s): Stauch, Vorster and Partners, Franklin, Garland and Gibson, Hallen, Theron and Partners Keywords: Durban Projects, Marine Towers, Pine Street Parking Garage, Beachfront Restaurant Development, Archilark, Students vs Profession