NPIA Newsletter 1 1976


Embattled Embankment

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Architect(s): John Frost Location(s): Esplanade, Victoria Embankment Keywords: City Engineer’s Department, lush sub-tropical vegetation, exhibition, G. Butler, University of Natal

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Author(s): M. Jackson Keywords: President NPIA, Coronation Industrials, I.S.A.A, President in Chief, National Board, Council for Architects, housing

Environmental Legislation

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Keywords: Physical Plan, Utilisation of Resources Act, Minister of Planning and Environment, black employees, Niemand Commission Guide Planning committees

Common Cause

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Keywords: Natal Provincial Institute Committee, Benevolent Fund Trustees, NPI Foundation Trustees, Building By-Laws and Regulations Committee, Practice Advisory Committee, House and Functions Committee, Awards Committee, Liaison Committee for the Preservation of Historical Amenities in Durban, Draughtsman’s Course Sub-Committee, Committee on Planning, Ad-Hoc Committees, Commission of Inquiry into Housing Matters, Ad-Hoc Committee re Joint SACA/ ISAA Committee on Inflation, South African Council for Architects


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Location(s): Vancouver, Johannesburg Keywords: Habitat Conference, Institute, film, United Nations settlement conference, ISAA housing conference


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Keywords: telephone numbers, address, membership

In Search of a Past

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Location(s): Durban, Point, Grey Street, Congella, Greyville, Stamford Hill, Sarnia, Umgeni River Keywords: conservation on display, exhibition, metropolitan Durban, visual character, Miles Jackson, D.L.J. Robins, P. Emmet, I. Dayabhai, redevelopment

About this Issue

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Keywords: Newsletter

A New Era

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Keywords: Dick Kemp, managing director of Corogroup, Corobrik, Coronation Industrials Limited Group, manufacturing and marketing plan