East Griqualand – Building in a Marginalised Setting


Building in a Marginalised Setting

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Author(s) Rodney Harber Location(s) East Griqualand, Quathlamba Keywords: Farmstead, Cedarville Flats, Outside Pit Toilet, Blousteen House, Griqua Church

Underberg farmhouse survey

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Architect(s): Robert Brusse, Nina Saunders, Nic Coetzer Author(s) Rodney Harber Location(s) Underberg Keywords: Himeville Museum, Exhibition of Architectural Heritage, Sotho Messelaar Tradition, Sandstone, Sheds, Home Rule

East Griqualand farmhouse

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Architect(s): Harber Masson & Associates Location(s) Braeside Keywords: Trombe Wall, Recycle, Thermal Flywheel

Underberg farmhouse

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Author(s) Prof. Emeritus Leslie Croft Location(s) Brookfield Keywords: Solar Heating, Convection, Heat Storage, Ambient Comfort, Mzimkulwana River

Building on the Border

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Author(s) Robert Brusse Location(s) Maria Linden Church extensions, Matatiele district, East Griqualand, Emaus Mission Presbytery, Umzimkulu district, East Griqualand, Kevelaer Mission, Underberg Keywords: Cultural Values, Local Materials, Acknowledgement of the Precedent, Place of Pilgrimage

Glenthorne Centre

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Architect(s): Harber Masson & Associates Author(s) Lee Pilkington Location(s) East Griqualand Keywords: Multi-Purpose, Diocese of Umzimvubu, Leadership, Self-Help Skills, Nave, rondavels

Cottages for labourers on Farm Elton, Cedarville

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Architect(s): Harber Masson & Associates Location(s) East Griqualand Keywords: Consultative Designing, Narrative Instructions, Battered Bluestone Walling

ISAA President

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Architect(s): Brian Johnson

1993 ISAA Natal Awards of Merit

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Architect(s): Colin Savage Architect Keywords: Colin Savage

Regional Committee Co-options

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Architect(s): Kevin Bingham, Fred Viljoen, Janina Masojada, Craig Page-Lee, Carl Mouton

Point Gun Battery

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Architect(s): Ellens & Whitfield

Richards Bay New Municipal Central Offices Complex

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Architect(s): Coetzee Steyn Kruger & Oelsen, The Glam Partnership, Tasker Schumann

Professional News

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