University of Natal – Faculty of Architecture & Allied Disciplines


Department of Architecture

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Author(s) Peter Stewart, Douw van Zyl, Prof. Walter Peters, Derek Wang, Dennis Radford, Rodney Harber Keywords: 6-Year Bachelor of Architecture, Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, Design, Theory, Building Technology, history, Student Selection

From the President

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Author(s) Rodney Harber Keywords: Faculty of Architecture, Denis Shepstone Building, Barrie Bierman Library, Architectural Education, Natal Department of Architecture

The NIA and the Department of Architecture

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Keywords: Simulated Office Programme, Barrie Biermann Architectural Library

B Sc (Architecture) Degree [Bachelor of Architecture]

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Architect(s): Lindsay Bush, Emma Gallacher, Barbara Beier, Lindy Osbourne, Paul Nel, Lucinda Hart, Don Albert, Rajeev Abeeluck, Nic Criticos, John Fleming Keywords: Anthropometric Studies, Volumetric Model, Inner City Housing

Department of Property Development & Construction Economics

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Author(s) Robert Taylor Keywords: B Sc (Construction Management), B Sc (Quantity Surveying), Informal settlement Upgrade

Department of Town & Regional Planning

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Author(s) Peter Robinson Keywords: Master’s degree, Critical Development Challenges, MTRP Curriculum

Housing Masters Programme

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Author(s) Ambrose Adebayo Keywords: Housing Backlog, Postgraduate Housing Programme

School of Development Studies

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Author(s) Mike Morris, Nick Amin Keywords: Interdisciplinary Field


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Author(s) Megan Seneque Keywords: Barrie Biermann Architecture Library, Architectural Workshops, Old Drawings Collection, Michelle Jacobs


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Author(s) Rodney Harber, Norah Walker Keywords: Non Governmental Organisations, Built Environment Support Group, UNAHTU

Admissions, Research & Staff

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Author(s) Derek Wang Keywords: Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Bachelor of Architecture, Higher and Research Degrees

B Arch Degree [Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture]

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Architect(s): Don Albert, Angela Baker, Sally Lewis Keywords: Simulated Office Programme, Design Theses, Urban Regeneration, Art Centre