Environments for Education


Environments for Education

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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters

2006 Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year

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KZ-NIA Committee 2007/2008

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Architect(s): Miles Pennington, Chris Clarke, Brian Johnson

UKZN School of Architecture

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Neo-Art Deco hotel

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Architect(s): MDS Architecture, Enenela Architects Location(s): Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World, Durban

Letters to the Editor

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Author(s): Dr. Peter Hancock, Janine Caramanus


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Architect(s): Patrick Gibson, Keith Nurcombe, Dennis Radford Author(s): Don Perks

Deutsche Schule Durban

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Architect(s): Frencken Associate Architects Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters Location(s): Cowie’s Hill, Durban

Rural Libraries

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Architect(s): Theunissen Jankowitz Architects Author(s): Gregory Hendricks

Research Office

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Architect(s): MA Gafoor Architect cc Author(s): Mohideen Abdul Gafoor Location(s): UKZN, Westville Campus

Architectural Education

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Author(s): Ron Lewcock, Myung Hyung

Architects a decade into independent practice: Office Units

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Architect(s): Archi Angels Architects Author(s): Raewyn Gowar Location(s): 2 Corobrik Road, Riverhorse Valley

A Travel Diary

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Author(s): Kevin Lloyd Location(s): Eastern & Central Europe