KZ-NIA Awards for Architecture 2007


KZ-NIA Awards for Architecture 2007

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Author(s): Prof. Walter Peters


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Architect(s): Ted Tollman Author(s): Errol Haarhoff, Prof. Walter Peters

Continuing Professional Development

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EPA Studio

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Architect(s): Elphick Proome Architects Location(s): 16 The Boulevard, Westway

Proud Heritage

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Architect(s): sound space design cc Location(s): 20/37 Rustic Close, Briardene

Dunkirk Estates

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Architect(s): OMM Design Workshop Location(s): 1 Salt Rock Road, Salt Rock

Dock Point

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Architect(s): Emmett: Emmett Architects Location(s): Patterson Street, Point

Comments on the 2007 KZ-NIA Awards Programme

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Author(s): Deborah Preller

Reflections on a visit to South Africa: Architectural History as a Codification of Memory

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Author(s): Labelle Prussin

Emerging Practices: Film Set Design: “Russian Survivor”

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Author(s): Peter Königkrämer

A Travel Diary

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Author(s): Paul Mikula Location(s): Thessaloniki to Athens, Greece